Money Saving Tips for Busy Parents

As a parent I know how hard it can be to keep children entertained during the long summer months. I also know how expensive it can be.

That’s why I’m doing everything I can now to ensure that our summer holidays are fun, but cheap! Many people often think that in order to have fun or experience something new, you need to spend money, but that’s always the case.

Here are some of my favourite and most useful money saving tips for busy parents this summer:

Get Outdoors

So many things are free and don’t have to be boring. If you’re going for a walk with your children, make it more interesting by letting them lead the way. They can decide which road to turn down, which path to take etc and children will enjoy being given control over where your walk takes them.

If you live near a park, you could also take some outdoor games with you. A football, kite, hoopla, even some bubbles. Add in a picnic using food from your fridge and you’ve got a fun day out. What’s even better is that you can invite your friends along with their children too, and if you all bring one item of food each, you save even more money on your picnic!

Get adventurous and see how many of the National Trusts ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4‘ you can complete during the summer holidays. The majority of things on the list can be done for free or very cheaply.

Spend Money Wisely

It can be so easy during the summer holidays to hand over your debit card without much thought. I’m certainly guilty of it. For example, if we go to the farm for the day before you know it, I’ve bought animal feed, drinks, tokens for rides, snacks, ice lollies and a souvenir, and it all adds up! Before I know it I’m £50 down!

Many people turn to short term loans to help tide them over, and I was intrigued to read the consumer credit index by city recently. It shows the monthly consumer trends by City.

I live in Cardiff and found it really interesting to read about the number of applications for loans, and the purpose of them.

This new tool shows that millions of people apply for shot term credit solutions each year, and that information is broken into monthly consumer trends by city. It shows the average loan request, monthly income, and even top employers.

Search online for coupons

Before I buy anything online, whether that be a garden toys, clothes, or garden furniture etc, I always search online for coupon codes, discounts and also check to see if I can get cash back on my spending.

I recently ordered some wallpaper online and I managed to get 5% cash back! It doesn’t sound like much, but when you leave the money in your cash back account it soon adds up!

Another good way to save money is to check over your bills, and cancel any unnecessary direct debits. Quite often to you’ll be amazed at how many you don’t actually need. Once you’ve done this, you can look at switching some of your utility suppliers. Energy firms often increase prices without you even noticing so it pays to switch and save, we recently did this and fixed the price for two years. 

My final saving tip is take a look at your mobile phone bill. Like the energy firms, phone companies are known to overcharge, so automatically continuing with your contract means you’ll be overpaying. Use the comparison sites and move your plan to a PAYG or SIM only deal, again we recently moved onto to the new EE Flex plans that have no contract tie in and no credit check.

These are just a few of my money saving tips. Do you have you any tips to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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