Disneyland Paris 2018 Trip Report Day 5

You can read all about day five here.

After breakfast, we headed over to the Walt Disney Studios and opened up the Lineberty app around 9.40am to try and book a meet with Captain America and Buzz Lightyear. I opened the app on both my phone and my husbands.

I managed to book a slot for Buzz Lightyear in twenty minutes time, and Captain America around 3pm. We headed straight over to where the Buzz Lightyear meet was in Toon Plaza.

There’s been some confusion over the way in which the bookable characters can be booked. It appears that a lot of people aren’t aware that you now need to book certain meet and greets. This has resulted in a lot of people joining the queues with their children to meet these characters, only to be turned away.

Now, as heartbreaking as this can be, to witness children getting upset at not being able to meet their favourite characters even though they’re stood so close to them, I must say that I do understand why Disney have decided to trial the new booking system.

Some meet and greet queues are so long that you spend most of your time stood in a queue. Last year we queued up to two hours to meet Belle. That time could have been spent doing so many other things. That’s why I like the app. It eliminates the need to queue so you have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy instead of queueing up. You just head over to the meet and greet around 10 minutes before your allocated time slot.

After meeting Buzz Lightyear we went on the parachute ride, crush’s coaster, and ratatouille with a fast pass.

We then watched Disney Jnr Live on stage & Stitch Live which I highly recommend. It’s so good!

We then headed back to the Disneyland hotel for a character lunch in inventions.

Later in the day, we met Captain America. Sadly it was a different one to the first one we met (twice), but our girls didn’t seem to notice, thankfully!

Later that evening we had dinner in Chey Remy, which is one of our favourite places to eat. Unfortunately the service was slower than when we had lunch there a few days before. Our waiter seemed a little under stress & the toilets were filthy with blocked toilets & tissue everywhere! Certainly something you don’t expect to see at Disney.

Anyway after dinner, we decided to have a wander around the shops and then head back to our hotel as our girls were worn out!

Stay tuned next week to read all about our last day!

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