Disney Bedroom Makeover

We’ve been living in our current home for around three years. When we first moved in we promised our twin girls that we would decorate their bedroom.

Fast forward three years and we still hadn’t got around to decorating it. We’re renting so spending money on redecorating a home we don’t own wasn’t top of the list of our priorities. However, our twins turned six years old this year and the Frozen themed curtains just seemed too babyish all of a sudden.

After our holiday to Disney, we promised our girls that we would redecorate their bedroom. I didn’t want to have bright colours, or wallpaper such as princesses or superheroes because I think they quickly get outgrown.

With this in mind I decided to do some research online for some inspiration. The walls in the girls bedroom is white painted wallpaper. We decided to repaint the walls white, apart from one wall which we would strip the wallpaper off and then have one feature wall.

I found some beautiful Minnie and Mickey wallpaper online so I ordered two rolls. Now, I’m lucky that my husband is a painter and decorator so he had quite a bit of white paint leftover.

The first job though before we could make a start was to tidy their room and slightly rearrange things. Alongside M’s bed we did have a dressing up rail. This was taking up a lot of room so I decided to get rid of the rail and use ziplock bags to store the girls dressing up costumes in. I also invested in a new white laundry basket and with the dressing rail gone, I was able to move M’s bed over creating more room.

After giving their bedroom a good clean, it was time to get started!

Here are some ‘before’ photos.

My husband painted the walls white to freshen them up, stripped the one wall of wallpaper and hung up the new wallpaper.

We bought some new curtains, got rid of the vertical blinds and I also bought a shelf so that the girls could store their wands from Disney on it, as well as their ornaments.

Although, we didn’t make drastic changes I think their new bedroom looks amazing. Here are the ‘after’ pictures.

It’s slightly more grown up, but not too grown up. It looks fresher and brighter, plus there’s a bit more room for the girls too.

What do you think?

17 thoughts on “Disney Bedroom Makeover

  1. Oh I love It! That wallpaper is really nice -not too girly Disney -if you know what I Mean! I bet the girls are thrilled with it. I like the new duvet covers too. #thatfridaylinky

  2. Firstly the before and after pics look like real bedrooms so well done you rather than some catalogue type of clinical excellence. And I love the wallpaper – such fun! #ThatFridayLinky

  3. Love the wallpaper. Very cute. We just did some renovating as well. With our new baby needing the nursery it was time for me to move into a big girl room. #ThatFridayLinky

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