Bedroom Makeover Tips for the Sleep-Deprived Parent

While everyone wants their bedroom to look nice and up to date, the main goal is ultimately to make it as sleep-friendly as possible, especially if you’re a busy parent. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up making some decoration mistakes that could actually make their bedroom less conducive to sleep. But by making a few adjustments, you could change an otherwise uncomfortable bedroom into a sleep haven. Here are a few bedroom makeover tips that will help you maximize your sleep environment. Get a New Mattress Everything starts and ends with the mattress. Ultimately, this is the single most… [Read More]

Five Basic Ideas to Create A Cozy Home

Most people have seen those nasty home transformation shows during days gone by. You already know the variety, wherein a hyperactive variety of designers and then builders blitz their objective into an ‘unsuspecting’ civilian’s home, getting just an hour to confirm a fantastic make-over. The make-over designer snatches up certain worthless cushions, whips up the carpet, and then presto, the overall part is an amazing palace. Don’t we tend to desire that our bored houses might be awoken with such type of quick and electrifying fervor? We are not pushing you to create your house your own ideal mansion, however,… [Read More]

Disney Bedroom Makeover

We’ve been living in our current home for around three years. When we first moved in we promised our twin girls that we would decorate their bedroom. Fast forward three years and we still hadn’t got around to decorating it. We’re renting so spending money on redecorating a home we don’t own wasn’t top of the list of our priorities. However, our twins turned six years old this year and the Frozen themed curtains just seemed too babyish all of a sudden. After our holiday to Disney, we promised our girls that we would redecorate their bedroom. I didn’t want… [Read More]

12 Tips for Creating a Cute Bedroom for Your Toddler

As your child grows, they’ll start showing their personality and having preferences over what they want their own space to be like. Pay attention to what your toddler likes and plays with, and design a fun and functional bedroom around these ideas. This may be their first bedroom after moving out of yours – so make sure it’s a comfy and cosy space they love being in to make the transition easier. Here’s our top tips for creating a stylish and engaging toddler bedroom that they’ll love playing in! Wall stickers The first thing to consider is the walls. What’s… [Read More]

Refreshing Your Bedroom for Spring

Spring may not be here just yet but if you’re looking forward to a little more sunshine, then you could create a spring-feel bedroom. After all, it’s never too early to add a little colour make your bedroom feel fresh and cheerful. If you’re a little unsure where to start, then read on for tips that can help you to make your bedroom spring ready. Choose Light Colours After dark winter days, one of the main perks of spring is the light. So, to get your bedroom spring ready, it makes sense to lighten it up. Treat yourself to some… [Read More]

Bedroom designs for growing twins

When you’re decorating a room for twins, you need to think in pairs. There are two beds, two dressers, two lamps, two personalities, and two of everything to keep in mind. Needless to say, the whole idea of bedroom design for twins can feel overwhelming, but it can also be so much fun! As you embark on your twin bedroom design endeavour, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Keep it simple Before committing to a bedroom design, keep in mind that children’s tastes and interests can change nearly as often as the ocean’s tide. Be sure to… [Read More]

The Easy way to give your kids bedroom a quick makeover!

Wall stickers

Creating a bedroom that is truly unique to your child can take a lot of thought, time and effort. As your child grows, their likes and dislikes change, which can often mean the theme your child once had for their bedroom is no longer fitting with both their age and their likes. When I was growing up I asked my parents if they could paint my bedroom green and if they could paint a cactus on the wall. In fairness to them, they took my random request and carried it out for me. I had lovely lime green walls and… [Read More]

My Bedroom Wishlist 2017

Duvets I love

A new year often brings with it a new beginning. A new chance to make some changes to your life. Whether that be personal changes or changes to your home. For me, I always like to start the new year with a new outlook on life. 2017 is bringing with it a new more active, more healthy, more in tune with my own body ‘me’! This means that I want my home to reflect this as well. A new mattress for my bed would be a great start. Getting a good nights sleep is the key to a good mood… [Read More]

Aspace, Inspirational Rooms for Children are Back in Business!

Aspace Charterhouse Bunk Bed

Aspace is an online shop that offers children’s bedroom furniture and mattresses as well as bedding and accessories. I’m a big fan of Aspace and when they ceased trading back February of this year, I was pretty sad about it. However, they’re now back in business and have been since June 16! Yay! I’m so pleased that they’re back in business as I truly love their range of furniture! I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful people over at Aspace back in November 2015 when I reviewed their Fairford Wardrobe, and again in March 2016 when I… [Read More]

Planning a new bedroom design

When planning a new bedroom design for the newest member of your family can be tough, there’s a lot to think about. And with twins, there’s twice as much to worry about! It’s important to make the most of the space you have, so that there’s still enough room for two to play, that the design lasts them a while, and of course, that you don’t go bonkers trying to organise it all.  A Blank Canvas A great option when designing a room to suit two is to keep the base colour simple. Whether it’s a plain pastel tone, or simply a whitewashed white, it… [Read More]