Cool Cat Costume Review

October 22, 2014
With Halloween approaching and seeing as our girls are almost three years old, we’ll be making more of an effort to acknowledge Halloween this year. In previous years the day has gone by much the same as any other day, but we thought we’d introduce our twins to Halloween this year.
In light of this when we were offered the chance to review two Cool Cat Costumes from Fancy Dress City we were happy to oblige.
This cat costume is actually a an all-in-one jumpsuit with detachable tail. It also comes with a hairband which have a pair of cute cat ears on.

The material of the jumpsuit is soft to the touch and has a white patch on the front which is meant to be the cats belly.
This costume is available in three sizes:
Small Age 4-6
Medium Age 7-9
Large Age 10-12
Our twins will be three in February so we opted for the small size and as you can see from the picture they fit our girls well. The arms and legs are a bit long, which is to be expected as the size is age 4-6. There’s plenty of arm and leg room so I can see these costumes still fitting when they’re around six years old. 

As mentioned above the tail is detachable. There is a small piece of Velcro attached to the tail and the back of the jumpsuit so it can be stuck on. I’m not quite why it’s detachable as it really doesn’t need to be and I guess it could easily be lost, but the tail is good quality, a good length and our girls enjoy playing them! If you’re worried about them being pulled off or lost, you could always sew them on!
The headband with the ears fits our girls heads well and they’re sturdy and well made so the ears stay upright. They don’t flop down!
Overall, I’m pleased with these costumes and would recommend them.
For the purpose of this review we were sent two cool cat costumes from Fancy Dress City free of charge.


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