Perfect Party Dresses for Kids who like to Party!

As summer comes to an end, I like to look forward to one of my favourite times of the year. The Autumn/Winter season! Like many people, I enjoy snuggling under a soft, warm blanket on my sofa with the fire lit and a good film on the TV. Of course I love summer too, but there’s something so magical and homely about the colder months! It also means we can start getting ready for the party season! Christmas! Oops, sorry, yes I did just mention the ‘C’ word in September, but I can’t help it! For me, this time of… [Read More]

Why travelling to find designer wedding dresses is a great idea

There are lots of reasons why a bride-to-be would choose to travel across the country to try on designer wedding dresses in stylish boutiques but the best reason is a chance to enjoy the day with close family and friends. The process of finding a dream wedding dress is relatively straightforward but it can be time consuming which means that by travelling to another town or city may help focus the bride’s attention on the type of dress that best suits their body shape and the wedding venue itself. It’s also great fun to travel to find a wedding dress… [Read More]

My venture into dress making (and shorts!)

Back in February of this year I pledged to be more crafty and I like to think that so far I have been very crafty! I’ve made bunting, a table cloth and also a triangle pouch! My favourite thing that I’ve made so far though has to be a dress and a pair of shorts that I made for our twin girls. R and M have very different styles. M loves her dresses, whereas R loves her shorts and jeans.  This is a very photo heavy post, but I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to make these as they’ve turned… [Read More]

My Valentines Day Dress Wishlist

With Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner, it’s time to start looking out for that perfect dress. With the weather not being great I’ve chosen a few different styles of dress depending on the weather and location of your Valentine’s Day outing. Just because it’s cold outside that doesn’t mean you can’t look super stylish. A knitted dress will look super cute teamed with an oversized and pair of boots. If you’ll be staying indoors then a strappy little number can help you ooze sophistication. 1. Girls on Film Burgundy Lace Bodycon Dress. £38.00. Little Mistress 2. Ted Baker Mesh… [Read More]

Dickens & Jones Classic Maxi Dress Review from House of Fraser

I love a good maxi dress. They’re the perfect solution to a quick, fashionable summer look. Teamed up with your favourite pair of gladiator sandals or simply some flip flops you’re good to go! If you want to ‘glam’ it up a bit you can add a floppy sunhat, some sunglasses and a beach bag! I’ve not heard of Dickens & Jones before, but when I was given the opportunity of working with House of Fraser recently, I couldn’t resist the the temptation of their gorgeous classic maxi dress. The blue and white stripes with the on trend bow around the… [Read More]

Mango Cotton Blend Knit Dress Review

I’ve recently been on a bit of a shopping spree. My wardrobe was looking a little sorry for itself, so I thought it was time I brightened it up a bit. I bought some skinny jeans in a range of different colours along with some cami tops and cardigans.  I didn’t buy any dresses as I only tend to wear summery ones in warmer weather. When I was asked to review a knitted dress from mango I was keen to give it a go.  To me a knitted dress was my opportunity to wear a dress in the colder months,… [Read More]

Cool Cat Costume Review

With Halloween approaching and seeing as our girls are almost three years old, we’ll be making more of an effort to acknowledge Halloween this year. In previous years the day has gone by much the same as any other day, but we thought we’d introduce our twins to Halloween this year. In light of this when we were offered the chance to review two Cool Cat Costumes from Fancy Dress City we were happy to oblige. This cat costume is actually a an all-in-one jumpsuit with detachable tail. It also comes with a hairband which have a pair of cute cat ears… [Read More]

Princess Elsa Frozen Costume Review

I think my family and I have been a little late to join the ‘Frozen bandwagon’, but we’ve finally made it! We first watched Frozen a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since! Now that our twins no longer sleep in the day, we’ve taken to watching Frozen in lieu of their nap….every day! I’m not bored of it yet and neither are my husband or our twins! In fact I think my husband may be enjoying it more than the rest of us! R and M enjoy pretend play. We pretend to be doctors and chefs, but… [Read More]

A Crafty Halloween

This year will be the first time that we mention Halloween to our girls. We haven’t done so in previous years because they’ve been too young to understand and get involved in with Halloween activities. We’ll make some decorations together to hang up around the house. I have some orange tissue paper I’m sure I can put to good use! We can make paper chains with spiders drawn on and add some cotton wool to make it look like cobwebs! We’ll dress up as cats, clowns or pumpkins and make pictures to put on the fridge, walls and doors. I’ve seen… [Read More]

Twins: Dress and Decor

Source A pair of twins is an absolute blessing, both for a family in general and for the children themselves; having a very close friend and companion from the get go can be great for children’s social skills and self esteem. When presented with a bouncing pair, though, how best should mothers treat their new babies? Is it best to treat twins similar? Or should twins’ be individually dressed?  Bedroom Décor Having twins might be quite the surprise for parents who weren’t anticipating such a bumper bundle of joy, but it’s easy to budget for a pair rather than a… [Read More]