But doc, can I still run?

August 8, 2018

Oh the frustration of being a runner, or any sportswoman or man for that matter, is when you’re injured. This is made even more frustrating when everywhere you go, everyone appears to be doing the sport you’re currently unable to do!

In my case, running!

Whilst training for my first half marathon last year I tore the adductor muscle in my right leg, and ever since then I seem to be injury prone!

I ran a 10k earlier this year whilst injured, and ended up having to rest for 3-4 weeks, and now can you believe it, I’m on the injury bench yet again! It’s so frustrating!

After my experience last year, I decided to add in some strength training to my fitness routine to help minimise injury, but now that my right, injury prone leg is better, I seem to have injured my left leg which I’ve never had problems with before!

What’s going on?!

I don’t know what I’ve done, and I guess I should get it checked out, but I tend to just rest until it feels better and then start running again!

The pain started in my lower leg/ankle region, and goes up the outside of my lower leg, but also means I have a tightening in my upper thigh and bum! I’ve been resting for two weeks so far, and yes, in that time my leg has definitely got better, but I can still feel an ache there.

As I currently sit and write this (Saturday 4th August), I’m contemplating a quick ‘test’ run tomorrow. I know it won’t hurt during the run, so I’m curious to see how the pain, if any, will feel after my run. I won’t push it too much. Just 2-3k. Enough to put my leg to the test, but not enough to do too much damage.

I’ve also bought some compression socks so here’s hoping that’ll help, although it takes me around 10 minutes just get them on!

Wish me luck!

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