TV and Film Locations: Cardiff

Do you ever watch a show on TV and then realise that you recognise the location that it’s being filmed in? I quite like it when this happens as I like to guess where the familiar location is. This has happened to me quite a lot over the last few years. Usually it’s because it’s a holiday destination I’ve been to such as Rome or Spain, but when it’s your own hometown, it’s a pretty proud feeling!

Living in Cardiff is really fantastic. We have lots of beautiful parks and tourist attractions. As such it’s no surprise to see the local area being used more and more for film and TV location filming. Doctor Who, Show Dogs and Born to Kill are just a few programmes that have been filmed in Cardiff.

PCA Predict are currently running a campaign using the hashtag, #SeenOnTheScreen which is centered around how towns and cities across the UK have been transformed on the screen in TV and film.


I must admit that I find it both fascinating and strange when I see TV programmes and films based in Cardiff.

Doctor Who has to be the most popular one for Cardiff in recent times. I bet if you asked any Cardiffian to name a TV show filmed in Cardiff, Doctor Who would be named first!

Even though Cardiff is my birth town, and it’s where I’ve lived all of my life, I must admit that when I watch Doctor Who, I struggle at times to pin point exactly where in Cardiff they are! It’s strange how different it looks on TV!

Aside from Doctor Who, I think Wales is also very well known for Gavin and Stacey which is filmed in Barry, a mere 10 miles away. Although I must admit Barry is more recognisable in Gavin and Stacey, than Cardiff is in Doctor Who!

Are any famous TV programmes or films made where you live? I’d to know!


One thought on “TV and Film Locations: Cardiff

  1. I so want to visit cardiff & Barry. I even looked at coming for new year this year.
    I want to visit the torchwood film locations and of course gavin & Stacey’s locations.

    I think it was more torch wood filmed in Cardiff than dr who. Either way I still want to visit. X

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