Should weight loss adverts be banned until after the watershed?

TV advertising can often be a bit hit and miss. It’s like those car adverts with no sound. At first I thought it was a pretty clever idea. It definitely makes you stop and look up at the TV as you wonder why there’s no sound. I soon realised it’s most likely a clever advertising ploy in an attempt to grab your attention. Or how about all of those toy adverts on kids channels? Up until recently I never knew these existed! Yes, the joy of having twins who love to watch Cbeebies and nothing else, has meant we’ve managed… [Read More]

TV and Film Locations: Cardiff

Do you ever watch a show on TV and then realise that you recognise the location that it’s being filmed in? I quite like it when this happens as I like to guess where the familiar location is. This has happened to me quite a lot over the last few years. Usually it’s because it’s a holiday destination I’ve been to such as Rome or Spain, but when it’s your own hometown, it’s a pretty proud feeling! Living in Cardiff is really fantastic. We have lots of beautiful parks and tourist attractions. As such it’s no surprise to see the… [Read More]

My Favourite TV shows & Toys from the ’90s

Genie Girls

I was born in the late ’80s which means that I grew up in the ’90s. Growing up in the 90’s has so many highlights for me. From my favourite TV shows to my favourite ’90s toys. I thought I’d share some of them with you! First up I can’t talk about the 90’s without mentioning Kenan and Kel. “Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda! Is it true? Is it true? Oh yes, oh yes, oh ye-es. I do, I do, I do oooo!” Haha, my sister and I could sit for hours watching those guys! Then there… [Read More]

Sesame Street is Back!

Sesame Street

Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Grover and more! These names can only mean one thing! Sesame Street is back! First aired in 1969, wow, so long ago, this classic pre-school show is making a come back, and I for one, cannot wait! The long-running, beloved, and multiple award winning series returns to the UK in November on preschool channel, Cartoonito. It’ll be broadcast daily from the 7th November at 4pm. The new series will help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder through fun and familiar pre-school relevant themes! It makes learning more meaningful by helping kids focus their attention… [Read More]

Dracula, Escape the Castle


It’s nearly Halloween and that means I can don my cat ears and tails, draw on some whiskers and have a big Halloween party! I love TV over Halloween. It’s full of ghouls and frights, and that’s why I’m excited to tell you that ‘Dracula, Escape the Castle’ is coming to TV! It’s going to be hosted by renowned TV present, Brendan Moar! Have you heard of the ever popular escape-room trend? Well, this show is based on that idea! Brave contestants from around the world will race against time to escape Dracula’s infamous castle in Transylvania, before the ‘Lord of… [Read More]

Miffy TV Comes to Tiny Pop!

A new generation of British pre-schoolers can discover the charm of the classic character, Miffy, when a new TV series, Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small launches on Tiny Pop on 2 October 2015, at 7pm. Featuring the iconic white bunny from the storybooks by Dick Bruna, the new series marks the first time Miffy has been seen in CGI. The series comprises 52, seven minute long episodes which see Miffy and her friends exploring the exciting world around her. Simple narrative and fun songs ensure even the youngest children stay engaged throughout.  Using Dick Bruna’s distinctive palate of bright primary… [Read More]

Choosing the Best TV

Buying a new TV can be stressful. You’re looking for the best quality picture, a device that fits with your rooms aesthetic whilst remaining affordable. There’re plenty of things to consider, so we’ve made it easy with this simple guide. Choosing the best size The perfect size TV will depend on your room and families lifestyle. It’s important to calculate the viewing distance — the space between where you’ll be sitting and the TV. As a rule of thumb, divide your total viewing distance by 3. This should give a good estimate of an appropriate size. For example, if you’re viewing… [Read More]

You were a 90s child if…

  You had a clear box full of floppy disks sitting on your computer desk and all the labels were written in pencil so that you when you re-used the disk (if they ever worked second time around) you could rub out what you’d deleted and re-write your latest saved masterpiece Image courtesy of You had to make sure no one was using the internet when you wanted to make a phone call or worse someone starts to use the internet whilst you’re the phone Orange soda had never been so popular thanks to American sitcom Keenan and Kel Saturday night TV was amazing!… [Read More]

Saturday Night TV

When I was little I really used to look forward to Saturday Night TV. I used to wonder how the contestants on Blind Date could come up with quick, quirky answers to on the spot questions. I loved listening to Cilla Black’s recognisable voice and of course watching her make people’s dreams come true on Surprise Surprise was also a weekly highlight for me! I dreamt of being a contestant on Gladiators and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I actually had a little bit of a crush on Wolf! Oh no! It’s out there now! I’ve said it… [Read More]

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Child to Sleep

1. Choose a good mattress. Choosing the right mattress for your child can make the difference between a good nights sleep or a bad night’s sleep. Making sure your childs mattress provides enough comfort and support is important, therefore it is a good idea to have a look around and see what types are available. 2. Develop a bedtime routine and stick to it. Having a regular bedtime routine will help to make the transition from day to night easier for your child. A good bedtime routine should be calm and relaxing. You could start with a gentle massage followed by a… [Read More]