Travelling with Kids – The Essentials

Travelling with children can be pretty stressful. I should know! I have three year old twin girls and have taken them on holiday abroad via aeroplane, but also in the UK by car.

One of the hardest things to do on a long car or plane journey is preventing children from getting bored. I usually end up giving them my husband and I’s phones so that they can watch a video with their headphones on. Of course that means we need to make sure we have strong, durable phone cases as kids can be pretty careless at times!

When travelling with kids I always make sure I pack a few essentials.

The first thing I always pack is a first aid kit. You never know when you’re going to need one. I think if you’re travelling with children, regardless of age, a first aid kit is an important essential item.

For myself I like to pack my eye mask and a travel pillow. I can’t sleep if a room is too light, even at home. I actually wear an eye mask to bed every night as our bedroom is too light for me to sleep without one.

A travel pillow, the kind that goes around your neck, is great for in the car. If my husband is driving, I tend to catch some sleep in my seat, but that often means neck ache. With a travel pillow that can easily be avoided.

Sunscreen, travel adapters, umbrellas and travel plugs are also essentials that I bring with me. Even in the UK sunscreen is a must in the summer, but with the British weather being pretty unpredictable an umbrella can be pretty handy too!

So there you go! Those are my essentials for travelling with kids. What are yours?

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