The day you start school

September 3, 2016

To our beautiful girls,

Next week, you’ll both take your first steps through the front door of a new chapter in your lives.

We’ve talked a lot about ‘big school’, about your teachers and about all of the things you’ll learn.
You’re both excited, but also a little nervous which is normal. I’m sure there’ll be a few tears on your first day from both of you, as well as from mummy and daddy.

It’ll be hard for all of us. It’s a big change, not to be with one another 24/7.
When you first started nursery one year ago, we had the same feelings.
We didn’t know if you’d like nursery. We didn’t know how you’d feel about it as you’d never been to nursery before, but you both settled in quickly and you both love nursery!
We were very lucky that we were able to look after you at home and spend that time with you.
Time that mummy and daddy both treasure so much. 
I’ll be honest, I feel so sad that you’ll be in school six hours a day, five days a week.
It seems like such a long time for you to be away from us and as I write this I can feel my stomach tying itself up in knots.
I imagine that first week will be very tiring for you. 
I know that you have to go to school, but a big part of me wishes that you didn’t have to. Not just yet. I wish that I could keep you both home for just a little while longer. 
I know we’ll have the evenings and weekends, so I’m looking for the positives, but I wonder what I’m going to do without you both!

I’m also reassured that you have one another for company and support. I’m so glad that you’re in the same class, and we found out yesterday that your favourite nursery teacher will be teaching you in big school in the afternoons, which definitely put a smile on your faces and made me feel a whole heap better!
As you take your first steps into reception next week, just know this. Mummy and daddy will be waiting anxiously for you to come back to us!
We’ll think about you every second! We love you so much! Have fun, enjoy it and be good!
Mum and dad xxx


  • kerry norris

    September 4, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Beautifully written. I'm sure all parents going through the same thing tomorrow will be feeling the same x

  • Gem

    September 4, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    Lovely post, hope the first week all goes smoothy. Such a big adventure for both of them 🙂

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