The day you start school

To our beautiful girls, Next week, you’ll both take your first steps through the front door of a new chapter in your lives. We’ve talked a lot about ‘big school’, about your teachers and about all of the things you’ll learn. You’re both excited, but also a little nervous which is normal. I’m sure there’ll be a few tears on your first day from both of you, as well as from mummy and daddy. It’ll be hard for all of us. It’s a big change, not to be with one another 24/7. When you first started nursery one year ago,… [Read More]

Potty Training Twins

Potty training twins? Where do I start?! That’s what I thought when the idea first popped into my head! I didn’t worry too much about it though and decided to take it all in my stride. One thing I knew for definite was that I wanted to wait until our girls were at least two years old. I’d heard that before this age children don’t have the ability to control their bowels. Plus if you start when your child is too young or if they aren’t ready it can end up being more stressful for you both and can take… [Read More]

Why I started blogging by Rebecca

This is the first post of a new series on my blog featuring some very talented new bloggers. First up is Rebecca who blogs at Babylove Beckha. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as I thought it would keep me entertained whilst on maternity and for when I became a stay at home mum.  I was right! You really don’t realise how much time and effort creating a readable, well liked blog really takes! I also thought it would help me make new friends, meet new people and learn new things.  I’ve never been very creative. I was… [Read More]