4 best ways to stay fit forever

Exercise is like a lubricating oil for the fitness of homo sapiens. But it’s not that easy as it seems due to our life style. In this world of competition and comparison, people are struggling hard to beat the heat of life standards and luxuries. We strenuous people barely have a time for ourselves. Following are some easy ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Morning walk We people find escapes from doing physical work. This ‘z’ generation has a strong addiction of luxurious things. Numerous exercise machines are developed, but none of them can dominate the superlative after effects of… [Read More]

A morning walk at Cefn Onn Park

Cefn Onn

Cefn Onn country park is situated in North Cardiff, approximately a five minute drive away from our home. It’s a well known local park, but one that I tend to forget exists because it just seems so out of place where it is! It’s hidden away at the end of a long road and accessible via a long path that runs under a motorway bridge. This beautiful woodland park is a real hidden gem! The last time we visited Cefn Onn was when our girls were little. We brought the double pushchair with us and I always remember watching my… [Read More]

7 of the best walking routes to do with your pushchair

We know that walking is one of the best things you can do with your little one, especially as the days get brighter and longer. UV light exposure has been shown to help regulate sleep patterns and the natural light and fresh air definitely helps to tire little ones out!  This applies from newborns upwards – and of course as your family gets older you may well be juggling a toddler on a bike or scooter and a newborn in a pram! Make sure everyone has plenty of sunscreen and hats on if the day is sunny; stop for regular… [Read More]

Walk your way to a healthier 2016!

2015 was a brilliant year for us. R and M started nursery and took part in their first nativity. We went on a lovely family holiday abroad and also in the UK toward the end of the year. Plus we had lots of days out to the beach, farm and even a safari park. 2016 certainly has a lot to live up too! I’m sure it’ll be an even better year than 2015 though and that’s because I’m determined to make it a healthier one. As I sit here typing away at my laptop, I’ve not long returned from my… [Read More]

A Dose of Development

Today’s post is from Orlena who blogs at Snotty Noses Children are amazing in their capacity to grow and learn. In the first year of your life you double or treble your weight and many children learn to talk, walk, feed themselves and various other things. That’s quite a busy year. But children grow and develop in different ways. Some children walk really early (the earliest I’ve personally seen is 9 months) and others are just getting there way past their first birthday. So how do you tell if your child is just a bit slow at doing something or if… [Read More]

Growing up

I can’t believe how quickly our girls are growing up. Every day I look at them first thing in the morning and think the same thing to myself.  They look like they have grown over night! They look bigger, older and more robust than the tiny 4lb3 and 2lb11 babies born into the world 8 months ago.  They are more interactive with each other and they both love exploring. They are both so vocal and very, very active! R absolutely loves jumping up and down, up and down, up and down in her jumperoo. She also loves grabbing anything she… [Read More]