Review: Back to School with ASDA

With the new school term almost upon us, I’ve teamed up with Asda’s Tonypandy store to showcase their new back to school range. Like many parents we don’t like to spend a fortune on new school uniforms, but at the same time we want to ensure that the items we buy for our children are good quality and will last them for as long as possible. With this in mind I decided to review the following items from ASDA: Black Ombre Shower Resistant Hooded Jacket Coral Foil Print Shower Resistant Hooded Mac Girls White Scallop School Polo Shirt 5 Pack… [Read More]

Wearing the wrong school uniform can ruin your education!

Who would have thought that wearing the wrong school uniform can actually ruin your education? This isn’t something I was aware of until I read this article about how an 11 year old boy was sent out of his lesson after a teacher spotted that the boy had reflective strips on the back of his footwear. Apparently the reflective strips on the boys shoes interfere with his brain resulting in an inability to concentrate and learn. It also means that the boy is unable to function correctly. Who knew? Have you detected my sarcasm yet? After reading this article online,… [Read More]

Debenhams School Shoes & Uniform Review

Earlier this week, my husband and I attended a school induction for our twin girls. They’re currently in nursery two and a half hours a day, Monday-Friday. However, come September, they’ll be moving up into full time school. I like to be prepared when it comes to things such as their school uniforms so whilst we were at the induction, my husband and I took the opportunity to look at the uniforms in terms of sizes so that we could place an order for September. The uniform is the same as what the girls already wear, except they now have… [Read More]

The stress and cost of buying a school uniform

Our twin girls start nursery in a few weeks. It’s only two and a half hours a day to begin with, but they still need a school uniform. We purchased their polo shirts, jumpers and cardigans from the school directly and decided to buy the girls two polo shirts each, two jumpers each and one cardigan each. All of these items have the school logo on them, which is why I bought them direct from the school as oppose to buying plain ones from a supermarket for example. This cost us a total of £80.00. The polo shirts were £6.00… [Read More]

The Cost of Nursery School

Our twins, R and M, are three years old. Starting in September they will be going to nursery school. It’s only two and a half hours a day, but it will strange not to have them home with me all the time. We received a letter a little while ago from the nursery school that they’ll be attending inviting us along to a parents session and a children’s session. The parents session will give parents the chance to meet staff, buy uniforms and learn a little more about the school. I’ll be attending this on my own. I’d love for… [Read More]

Making School Days as Stress Free as Possible

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, whether it’s the first day back after the half term break or it’s in the middle of term, school days can be full of hassle. Making it easy for yourself and the kids is essential if you want to keep things as stress free as possible, and also keep the grey hairs at bay, too! Whether you’ve been enjoying a casual, chilled out couple of days at the weekend, or you’ve gotten used to a week or two half term break, getting back into the swing of things can be hard…. [Read More]