Review: Back to School with ASDA

With the new school term almost upon us, I’ve teamed up with Asda’s Tonypandy store to showcase their new back to school range.

Like many parents we don’t like to spend a fortune on new school uniforms, but at the same time we want to ensure that the items we buy for our children are good quality and will last them for as long as possible.

With this in mind I decided to review the following items from ASDA:

  • Black Ombre Shower Resistant Hooded Jacket
  • Coral Foil Print Shower Resistant Hooded Mac
  • Girls White Scallop School Polo Shirt 5 Pack
  • White Slim Fit School Polo Shirt 5 Pack
  • Green Assorted Hair Bobbles 30 Pack
  • Red 5 Piece Bow Hair Accessories Set

First up we have the polo shirts. Now, I’m a mum to six year old twin girls, but they’re both very different. M likes to wear the scallop school polo shirts because she likes the frilly collar, whereas R prefers the more traditional looking school polo shirts with a straight edge collar.

The pack of 5 girls white scallop school polo shirts cost just £6.00, and the white slim fit school polo shirt, which is also a pack of 5, costs just £7.50.

The scallop school polo shirts are 100% cotton with a button fastening, and the thing that I and the majority of parents I imagine will like most about these shirts is that they’re stain release and have ‘Stay White’ technology to keep them looking whiter for longer.

These shirts fit well, and they really do last wash after wash. I also like that they don’t lose their shape, even after being washed numerous times.

The white slim fit school polo shirts are equally as good as the girls scallop shirts. I really like the slim fit design as they fit really well, and again they have the same ‘Stay White’ technology as the scallop shirts.

Next up we have the jacket and mac. Like most school children, our girls aren’t very keen on wearing coats! Their current coats are quite heavy and thick, which isn’t great when the weather is warmer as they’re usually too hot in them!

This is why I chose the black ombre shower resistant hooded jacket (£14.00), and coral foil print shower resistant hooded mac (£12.00). They’re both very lightweight making them ideal for summer showers.

I really like the ombre design of the hooded jacket, plus it has a mesh lining to the hood and body.

There’s also a name tag inside which is perfect for back to school!

It also has a zip fastening front with 2 zip-up front pockets. It’s lightweight, fits well and is really great quality.

The coral foil print shower resistant mac is so pretty! I love the floral design! It has elasticated cuffs, 2 front slip pockets and a zip-up fastening.

We were also sent some green hair bobbles (£2.00) and hair accessories (£4.00).

These are both available in other colours such as blue, but R opted for the green bobbles, and M for the red hair accessories.

They’re both very well made, plus I think they look great too! They’ll certainly keep their hair in place when doing P.E and playing football!

Overall rating

Final Thoughts

Overall, I have to say that I’m very pleased with all of the products from ASDA. The clothes are all very well made, great value for money and will last all term, if not longer. Thank you ASDA!

21 thoughts on “Review: Back to School with ASDA

  1. Some great looking gear there.
    Personally, I’ve never understood this rush to buy a whole new set of school uniform come the summer holidays. Obviously replace the damage/unrepairable items, hand down/donate the items that no longer fit, and if a new school is involved yes then get the correct uniform. But, why replace perfectly usable items? We have simply topped up items that needed replacing. It’s not so much about keeping cost down (though that helps) but also about not buying things we don’t need. I had this debate with our teenagers who seemed to expect we would be going out and purchasing an entirely new set of stationery for them. But instead I made them go through all their current kit and weed out those items that were no longer fit for purpose, and I replaced those.
    This whole “Back to school” thing is becoming, as usual, over commercialised and puts too much pressure on parents.

    1. I agree. We only bought what we needed. Our girls trousers, pinafores & shoes still fit so they’ll be using the same ones as last term. Their polo shirts were on the small side & they didn’t have a lightweight jacket which is why we chose these items to review. Thanks for your comment x

  2. I love the jackets. Even if you are buying school uniforms in which they pretty much wear the same things over and over again, you still have to shop smart or end up spending more than you need to. Kids wear out clothes fast, no matter what kind of clothes they are. Thanks for sharing! #ThatFridayLinky

  3. I think Asda do some fantastic school uniform items. I buy some things from Tesco (because of the embroidery service) but Asda do some great skirts and trousers. #ThatFridayLinky

  4. I don’t tend to go to Asda for school stuff not that I don’t like it or anything. I think its because its more out of my way to get too. Their stuff does look great in this post and I really love the pink jacket, think I may need to go get this for my 7 year old daughter. #thatfridaylinky

  5. we’re very luck that the majority of our clothes come from older cousins that we then pass along to yonger cousins. Without uniforms to worry about, its very simple. These all look great though #thatfridaylinky

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