Doodle Collection Notebook Review & Competition

I absolutely love stationary. You won’t believe how many unused notebooks I have sitting around my house! Although they’re currently unused, I know that one day I will get around to filling each and every one of them. You see I keep a kind of diary, but it’s not like one of those diaries in which I write down what I did today. In my diary I like to focus on the positive things that happen. I use one page for the week and write down all of the positive things that happened that week. Nothing negative is allowed! Some… [Read More]

We love Minted!

Minted is an online stationary store powered by a global community of designers. Created in 2007 by Mariam Naficy, Minted’s community of independent artists and designers are located in 48 states and 43 countries. They sell everything from kids stationary to wedding invites, notebooks and address labels, business cards and wall art, plus they sell a range of super cute photo Christmas cards, You can chose to personalise your cards by choosing what type of frame you want around your photo along with your choice of font. In addition to this you can chose what message you want printed on the… [Read More]

Return to the school gates: The good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s official – half term is well and truly over! Image courtesy of digitalart/ Schools are back and with it some normality can (hopefully) be regained! But, what does the return to school mean for you and your family? For most it means forking out for new school uniforms, pencils, pens and that awful sticky stuff to cover school books with! I can never get it on without a few bubbles or wrinkled lines! Just me? Evenings are spent creating packed lunches that look like works of art. Posh ham sandwiches in the shape of a dinosaur anyone? Dicing cheese into… [Read More]

Bonnie Marcus Tri-Fold Shoes Notebook Review

I love stationary. It doesn’t matter if it’s a notebook, pen, diary or folder, chances are I will love it. I don’t know what it is about opening up a new, fresh page of a notebook that I find satisfying but I love it! When I was in school and I was coming to the end of my school book, I would deliberately rip out the last few pages, just so I could have a new one quicker! When I was asked recently to review some of the new range of stationary available by Bonnie Marcus I was thrilled. Bonnie Marcus, a busy… [Read More]

Shoplet Review

As a Shoplet Product Reviewer I recently received a welcome pack in the post, containing a fun variety of useful office products. Shoplet is the leading purely online office supply retailer. Founded in 1994, Shoplet is one of the original e-marketplaces. Their award winning website is an innovative, proven way to buy the supplies your business counts on. Their massive selection ensures you’ll find what you need from a single, trusted source, and because they’re online-only, their low overhead means Shoplet delivers superior value. What’s in the box? A5 Cambridge Notebook – This wire bound, two hole punched notebook is available… [Read More]