Simply Swim Review

One of our favourite things to do when the weather gets a bit warmer, is to take our children swimming. We’re very lucky where we live because we have a number of indoor and outdoor swimming pools a short drive away, and one of the outdoor ones is even free! I like to join in my children when they’re swimming, whether that be on the beach, or at an outdoor or indoor pool. If we’re at one of our local beaches, our girls, who are six years old, don’t tend to go in the water for a full swim, it’s… [Read More]

Simply Red Christmas Nails

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it was about time that I did a Christmas Nail tutorial. Growing up I was always painting my finger nails, like many other teenage girls, and before our twins were born I embarked on a nail course. Although I wasn’t able to finish the course, creating beautiful, long lasting nails is still something I enjoy doing. Here I will share with you a simple festive Christmas nail look which I call ‘Simply Red.’ 1. Ensure your nails are clean by removing any old nail varnish and grime. Use an acetone free nail varnish remover… [Read More]

Best Foot Forward

Image courtesy of foto76/ In the past few weeks I have found myself thinking about the way I dress. My everyday attire is pretty much the same regardless of whether I am in work, at home or going out somewhere. I own 3 pairs of jeans, but I would only class one pair of these as good. The other two have worn out knees and the edges are fraying. You may be wondering why I keep them. Well, it’s because I wear them when my good pair need a wash! I know I could simply buy more jeans and have… [Read More]