West Midland Safari Park: Santa Safari Review. Video Special!

Scroll down for video Yesterday we visited West Midland Safari Park so that we could experience their Santa Safari. Santa Safari is a magical, festive day out for the whole family. As well as the four mile self-drive safari, children will have the opportunity to visit Santa, as well as Mrs Claus’s Kitchen, and even make Christmas themed crafts. Driving up to the entrance was a lot of fun in itself. Our five year old twins spotted Santa from quite far back and started to get very excited! All the way up the drive to the entrance were snow-covered Christmas… [Read More]

Santa’s Health and Safety Tips for Winter!


I bet that title caught your eye! I wonder if Santa has any strict ‘elf and safety, sorry I mean, health and safety regulations that he has to abide by? There must be a few surely. I mean driving at night, all night, on Christmas Eve, must be pretty exhausting and I’m not sure an over-tired Santa in charge of a sleigh full of presents being driven by reindeers would put a smile on any health and safety conscious persons face?! That being said though, us ‘non-magical’ folk should probably take a few pre-cautions in the cold winter months. I… [Read More]

The Christmas Kingdom at The Celtic Manor Resort

R and M, our twin girls have been very luck this year as they’ve met Santa a lot! It wasn’t planned for them to meet them at him as often they have, but they’ve enjoyed every experience so far. The girls nursery school had organised a trip for the children to visit Santa at The Christmas Kingdom in The Celtic Manor Resort. We set off from Cardiff around 9.30am and arrived around 10.30am. Perfect timing for our 11am slot. Before we went into The Christmas Kingdom the girls had the chance to sit in Santa’s sleigh and have their picture… [Read More]

A visit to Santa at Pughs Garden Centre

Last year, we took our twin girls to see Santa in our local garden centre, Pughs. We had a wonderful time and decided to book again this year. We were running late, but arrived just in time! We were greeted by an Elf who took the girls names and then showed us where to wait.  The doorway to see Santa looked pretty magical and before we knew it, in we went. The first room was set out with church-style benches in rows, one behind the other, to give the impression of a sleigh.  There was a big TV screen on… [Read More]

Christmas Traditions – Are your children’s presents from Santa or a mixture of Santa and Mummy & Daddy?

Over the past three years my husband and I have created some of our own Christmas traditions. Every year I buy our twins one new Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree so that when they’re older they’ll have enough to decorate a tree of their own for their own family. We’ve also started giving our girls a special Christmas eve box which typically includes new pyjamas and a chocolate or two! One thing I have been very curious about though is how other parents deal with present giving and receiving, in particular those received from Santa. Growing up I have… [Read More]

Bloggers Secret Santa

Last Christmas I sat and watched as lots of bloggers took part in a bloggers Secret Santa. It looked like fun, so this year I decided i organise one for some of the bloggers in my Facebook group. Mine arrived a while ago and it’s just been staring at me ever since! I’ve been very tempted to open it, but I’ve waited until the other bloggers received theirs too. The idea was to look at the blog of the person you’d been given and try to buy them something you think they’d like. Our budget was £10. I don’t know… [Read More]

Lapland Mailroom Personalised Santa Letter Review

This year is the first Christmas that our twin girls are more aware of what’s going. They’ll be three early next year, so we’ve been talking to them about Christmas and Santa. They’ve both made letters for Santa by cutting out pictures of toys from a catalogue and sticking them to a piece of paper before drawing pictures on them too. We then put them into an envelope and posted them into our home made Santa’s Postbox. I’ve told them both that Santa will take their letters and then write them a reply. Luckily for us, we received two letters… [Read More]

Argos Wishlist App Review

If you’re stuck for ideas about what to get your child for Christmas look no further than the Argos Wishlist app for help! Simply search for ‘Argos Wishlist’ in the App Store…. …and download.. After scrolling through the on-screen instructions… …your child will need to pick a helper… …and then take a selfie. This is so mum and dad will know whose wishlist belongs to who as you create multiple accounts for different people. All that’s left to do is for your child to create their wishlist. This can be done easily be scrolling the categories which range from ‘Top… [Read More]

Keeping the magic of Christmas alive

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly! I did mention the ‘C’ word in July! I know it’s over five months until Christmas, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it! Us parents have to be prepared! We have a lot of organising to do which mainly consists of saving up some money so that we can buy the little people in our lives some presents from Santa. All this thinking about Christmas has got me thinking about Santa! Our twins will be almost three years old come Christmas this year. Last Christmas we introduced them both… [Read More]

Be Safe This Festive Season

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s important to look after yourself properly so that you can enjoy this magical time with friends and family. Just imagine if health and safety could get hold of Santa, I’m sure he’d be in a world of trouble with some of his antics! It can’t be easy for him carrying around that big sack full of presents and squeezing down all these modern chimneys! This handy infographic, which is brought to you by First4Lawyers, shows the seven perils of being Santa Claus! The Seven Perils of being Santa was created by First4Lawyers Sponsored post