Exercise For The Family: Balancing That Budget

It might seem impossible to some to be able to fit health and fitness into your life without having to invest constantly in it.  The figures would seem to suggest that, too, with the health and fitness industry getting between 40 and 50 billion of our hard-earned dollars each year! But you don’t have to buy into it to stay healthy. If you’re maintaining a strict family budget, you can ensure that a healthy life fits in it. Photo by dbreen Dispel the healthy eating myth There’s a myth around healthy eating. Not that it’s healthy, there’s definite evidence that… [Read More]

Personal Training Session: Five Weeks In!

5K Personal Best

I thought I’d write an update on how my personal training sessions have been going seeing as I haven’t written an update for a while. You can read my last one here. As I write this, I’m still aching from yesterdays personal training session! I had planned to go for a run today, but my legs, shoulders and tummy are still aching so I’ll leave it another day and go tomorrow instead! I don’t want to overdo it! This week saw me running 5k on Monday and I managed to earn a new personal best time of 35 minutes and… [Read More]

Personal Training Session Number Three


So far so good! I’m still enjoying my personal training sessions. Read all about my last session here. I’m keeping up the healthy eating and I really want to push my running up to the next level. My PT introduced me to Tabata last week, so I’ve been incorporating this into my running in a bid that it’ll help me to improve my stamina and therefore help me run further. Something I really need to do since I’ve entered the St Davids Day 10k race in Cardiff next year!   During session number three, I started off with 10 minutes… [Read More]

Personal Training Session Number Two

Since my last personal training session I feel like I’m making good progress. I’m definitely keeping up the healthy eating better than the previous week which did see me having a takeaway. This week though there have been no takeaways in site! Yay! Go me! My food so far has consisted of: Salmon, brown rice, spinach Soup (Vegetable/Minestrone etc) Tuna steak, cous, veg Chicken strips, veg and spinach Omlette 2 x slices wholemeal bread, ham, salad In between meals if I get peckish I’ve been opting for fruit, carrots and hummus or a protein shake. It’s funny how differently changing my… [Read More]

Personal Training Session Number One!

Skinny me inspiration!

I wasn’t sure whether I should write about this or not. I’ve been having personal training sessions! I’ve written numerous times over the years about how I want to loose weight. I always start out well. For a week, maybe even two, I’ll stay on plan. I’ll exercise regularly and I’ll feel great, but it doesn’t last. I soon find myself slipping back into old ways. I’ve tried meal replacement diets, low carb diets, fasting diets, but nothing seems to work. I’ve signed up to diets that I’ve had to pay for and I’ve invested in way too many gym… [Read More]

Gadgets to help make life easier for the elderly

My mother in law is in her late eighties. I’ve known her for around 12 years now and I’ve watched her grow older over the last number of years. Growing old isn’t something we Brits like to talk about, but it’s inevitable and happens to all of us. I like to think that every elderly person has someone they can call upon should they need it, and also that they have a good support network of family and friends. Growing old can be lonely at times, but by ensuring loved ones are well cared for and involved in family life… [Read More]

Why do people take out loans and what are the best options?

There are many reasons why people decide to take out personal loans. For the majority it’s either because they want to pay off existing loans or because they need the extra money for business purposes. Other reasons can include home improvements, funding education and car repairs. Freedigitalphotos.net/stuartmiles Types of personal loans The great thing about a personal loan is that you can use it for any purpose. There are various types of personal loans available for borrowers, but the two most common types are secured and unsecured. Secured loans typically have lower interest rates and are secured by a cash flow or… [Read More]

Invading your child's privacy

Me when I was younger Nowadays more children than ever are using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I remember the good old days of MSN and MySpace. Although these may not be as popular now as they were when I was growing up, it brings me to the all-important question of your child’s online safety and indeed how much privacy should you give your child. When I was a teenager I had a diary and I would write everything in it. From what I was watching on TV to who I fancied at school. One day my… [Read More]

Protecting Your Children Online

Photo courtesy of tungphoto/freedigitalphotos.net I recently read an article online about how photos of newborns now appear on social media sites within ONE HOUR of their birth. Apparantly two-thirds of parents post pictures of baby less than 60 minutes after birth and 62% of parents post images themselves, whilst other family member post 22%. The birth of Prince George is said to have encouraged 74% of parents to post more photos, with the most popular website to post photos on is Facebook (77%) and Instagram (48%). Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2402686/Babys-Facebook-update-Photos-newborns-appear-social-media-Twitter-Instagram-sites-ONE-HOUR-birth.html#ixzz2dSET0urJ Whilst I am not against posting pictures of my children on social media… [Read More]