Exercise For The Family: Balancing That Budget

It might seem impossible to some to be able to fit health and fitness into your life without having to invest constantly in it.  The figures would seem to suggest that, too, with the health and fitness industry getting between 40 and 50 billion of our hard-earned dollars each year! But you don’t have to buy into it to stay healthy. If you’re maintaining a strict family budget, you can ensure that a healthy life fits in it.

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Dispel the healthy eating myth

There’s a myth around healthy eating. Not that it’s healthy, there’s definite evidence that fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. But the idea that you have to spend more to eat better isn’t necessarily true. You can save a lot of money by planning meals in advance. If you have three meals in a week that use the same ingredients, for instance, those are two fewer ingredients you have to buy per week. You even reduce the amount of wasted food you throw away. If you prepare more meals in advance and put them in the fridge, you cut the risk of you running to the store when you feel hungry. You can make huge savings a week by even choosing one day alone to not eat meat.

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Use that body-weight

There are tons of exercises you can do in the home for free. This free body-weight workout can get you burning fat, building muscle, and improving your mobility without spending a dime. Your arms, your abs, your legs, your core, they will all thank you.

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You don’t need a whole gym

That’s not to say you should go entirely free. Some equipment can help you get the best results for the time you spend exercising. But you don’t need to kit out an entire home gym. Instead, choose to invest in just a piece of equipment or two that helps you get the full benefit of an exercise. For cardio, read the full review of this spinning bike here to see how one machine can help you lose weight faster and keep your metabolism healthy. For building muscle, there’s a whole range of ways to use just a kettlebell or a pair of dumbbells, maintaining the layer of strength and flexibility we all need.

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Make as many little tweaks as possible

We don’t always have the time to dedicate to an hour on the bike or an hour with the dumbbells. If you know you have a busy day ahead, then make a quick plan to fit in sixty minutes of exercise in five-or-ten-minute blocks. If you need to go to the store, then walk. If you’re cooking, do standing push-ups during those periods of waiting. At the lunch break at work, find a space where you can take your lunch that requires you to stretch your legs. It’s easy to add it all up.

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Get a free personal trainer

Motivation is maybe the biggest issue with taking your fitness in your own hands. The gym environment and the paid personal trainer are great at getting you in the mood and giving you goals to strive for. Nowadays, however, there are apps that can do that for you. This review list of workout apps can help you set goals, learn new exercises, even create a playlist that changes tempo to help you stay in the rhythm and keep the work rate high. A lot of them come with minimal cost if they’re not completely free.

Know when it’s wise to invest, how you can avoid spending any money, and what unhealthy habits in the household might actually be costing you more. With the tips above, you can bust that belly without busting your bank balance.

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