5 Ways to Make your Home Child-Friendly

As you enter and prepare for parenthood, you suddenly become aware of all of the little dangers dotted around your home.

From the moment the positive test result comes back, your life has changed forever. You are going to be a mummy and daddy, and you only have a few months to prepare yourself for the introduction of a baby.

One question that many new expecting parents ask themselves is, is their home ready for a baby? How many hazards can you spot in any room? There are just some things you never really notice unless you are a parent because you wouldn’t give them a second thought until the safety of another human being is on your mind.

This is why we have put together five easy ways that you can make your home a child-friendly home, ready to welcome in your little bundle of joy and watch them grow.

Safety Gates

You might not need these straight away, but they will be crawling and walking before you can even say “stay in here”. Investing in safety gates is an absolute must for any parent in order to stop your child from roaming around the house and getting into mischief, such as climbing the stairs which can only end up badly.

If your household is home to dogs, you might already have safety gates installed around the house. Regardless of this, it is always smart to invest in new ones, in the case of wear and tear over time which might result in the gate opening when you least want it to.

Artificial Grass

When your little one wants to explore the great outdoors, the first port of call will be the garden. Unfortunately, as we know, grass can become incredibly muddy and can consist of goodness knows what.

To help make the garden a more child-friendly spot, consider looking into the possibility of a synthetic lawn which reduces a number of bacteria in your garden and makes for a safer playing surface. With so many different types available, it will be worth parents trying out different artificial grass samples to see what works best for their garden.

Extra Storage Space

With a child around the place, the need for storage space triples. Toys, clothes and kids furniture are just some of the items that will be making their way into your house, so you best make room now before your living space becomes cluttered.

Storages boxes can be a parent’s lifesaver, offering an easy and accessible storage solution where toys can be easily stored without the fear of breaking a bone or, worse yet, your child’s favourite toy.

No Sharp Edges

As you become a parent, one of the main things that you will begin to notice is sharp edges on furniture such as coffee tables. Up until now, this has not been a problem, but now you will have a small child crawling and walking with that sharp edge sitting at eye level. An accident that is just waiting to happen.

Either but sharp edges out of harm’s way or replace such furniture, just to make absolutely sure of no accidents. We also recommend keeping away from glass coffee tables, in the case of any temper tantrums that might result in something being smashed.

Non-Stain Fabric

This last piece of advice is not so much for the benefit of your child, but more for you as you will be the one cleaning up after them. Juice spillages can stain sofas, unless they are made from a non-stain material such as leather (or faux leather), and can easily be cleaned with a simple wipe.

There is nothing worse than having a once beautiful sofa covered in stains, and having to put a throw over it whenever someone comes over. Save time with furniture that requires very little maintenance, even with messy little tykes!

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