Disney Book Week Book Review with Parragon Books

As many people who read our blog know, I’m a big Disney fan. We’re actually going to go to Disneyland Paris soon and I’m so excited I could burst! I think my husband is getting pretty fed up of me talking about Disney, but it’s just the start! Wait until we get to Disney! Anyway to celebrate #DisneyBookWeek Parragon Books kindly sent me two Disney movie books. The Lion King and Frozen: The Magic of the Northern Lights. We also received a cute Dory Soft toy, two book marks and a Beauty and the Beast sticker. Although it’s called Disney… [Read More]

Beauty and the Beast Write Inspire Create Review from Parragon Books

Beauty and the Beast Parragon Books

Beauty and the Beast is my all time favourite Disney movie. I remember watching it for the first time when I was a little girl and so desperately wanting to Belle! I used to ask my mum to do my hair like Belle and I even had a Belle Costume and shoes to match! Now that I’m an adult my love for Beauty and the Beast hasn’t faltered. It’s still my favourite movie and Belle will always be my favourite princess. So much so that when we go on our family holiday to Disneyland Paris later this year, I’ll be… [Read More]

Start Little Learn Big with Parragon Books

I’m a firm believer that making learning fun for children is the best ay for them to become engaged and interested in the activity they’re doing. Learning through fun is a pretty effective way for children learn things quickly. In our home we like to play games. We have certainly have plenty of them! One of my favourite is a card game that is all about identifying different shapes and matching them to the correct pile. By learning their shapes using this game, our girls are shape experts! When the lovely people over at Parragon Books asked if I’d like… [Read More]

Once Upon A Time Online Book Review


As one of Parragon Books Book Buddies, we were recently sent the book, ‘Once Upon A Time Online‘ to review, along with a cute fairytale crayon. I was so curious to find out what this book was all about. Living in todays world with technology all around us, I do have my concerns about my children’s futures, but by arming them with the right information, those worries can soon fade away. Once Upon A Time Online is a beautifully illustrated book by David Bedford and Rosie Reeve. The story follows some of our children’s most well recognised and well loved… [Read More]

Disney Movie Collection Book Review from Parragon Books

We’re big Disney fans in our home. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film of all time. It’s an absolute classic and my girls love it too! More recently, Frozen, is another favourite of ours and most days, M, likes to dress up as Elsa. The other day, R, even dressed like Kristoff!   When we were recently sent two Disney Movie Collection books to review from Parragon, I was amazed that both books included every single part of each film. Everything was included! We received Frozen and The Jungle book.   The books are quite long so… [Read More]

Disney Art Therapy Colouring Book Review

Adult colouring books seem to be very popular lately and the colouring trend shows no sign of slowing down! Parragon Books recently sent us two Disney Art Therapy colouring books. One has a princess theme to it and the other has a Frozen theme. These books feature a huge range of patterns, symbols and imagery from both Disney Frozen and the Disney Princess stories. They’re filled with over 100 dynamic, detailed and incredibly satisfying Disney patterns.   The Disney Princess Art Therapy colouring book has lots of amazingly interesting designs. The one below appears to be sleeping beauty. Unlike most… [Read More]

My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book Review

Parragon Books provide a wonderful assortment of children’s books. They recently sent us ‘My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book to review and we’ve been having lots of fun with it.  It’s a brightly coloured, fairly large book with lots of pages bursting with various activities to keep children busy. There are lots of different pages to colour in, mazes to solve and magical things to spot. Children can also match pictures together, draw and copy pictures, plus they can practise their counting skills on every page. There are easily over 100 activities all of which have a fairy-tale theme. Our twins… [Read More]

Fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson Book Review

Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales are much loved by children all over the world. As part of Parragon Books, Book Buddies we were sent this beautiful Fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson book. It brings together eight of the most famous stories in a beautifully illustrated collection. The stunning cloth effect cover and delicate foiling makes this book look magical and appealing to children of all ages. Included in this book you’ll find: The Little Mermaid The Emperors New Clothes Thumbelina The Princess and the Pea The Fir Tree The Nightingale The Snow Queen The Steadfast Tin Soldier The Ugly Ducking I… [Read More]

Spot A Lot: Animal Jigsaw Review from Parragon Books

As part of the Parragon Books Book Buddy Scheme we were sent Spot A Lot: Animal Jigsaw to review.     We reviewed the book back in October 2014, but what’s different about this one is that it’s a book and a jigsaw.   The book and jigsaw come in a handy box and once you’ve read the storybook you can then play with the jigsaw puzzle!   Here’s a brief overview of what the book is about: ‘There’s trouble at the zoo today… The animals have run away! Gibbons swinging and playing on the jungle gym, zebra’s camouflaged on the… [Read More]

Massive Monster Activity Pack from Parragon Books

I love being a Parragon Book Buddy because we get sent some wonderful books from them. This month we received a fabulous Massive Monster Activity Pack from them. The box which holds the contents inside has a velcro opening to ensure that the books and sticker sheets inside don’t fall out. Inside you can find four activity books packed with crazy mazes, creepy colouring, monstrous muddles and lots of swampy, icky, stinky scenes to cover with monster stickers! The books included are: Monster Colouring There are 30 creepy beasts to colour! Icky Sticky Sticker Book 8 monstrous scenes can be… [Read More]