Should motorists be fined for using parent and child spaces?

I’m pretty sure it’s a struggle that most parents who drive have faced at some point in their lives or another. You pull into the car park of your local supermarket, and hunt down the parent and child spaces in the hopes of finding a space close to the entrance. You then witness a lone person leaving their car with no child in sight, yet they’ve clearly parked in a parent and child space. Is this wrong? Does it make you angry? I mean, parent and child spaces are great for those with children. They’re close to the entrance, plus… [Read More]

Magical Gardens For Kids That Don’t Cost The Earth

The thing about gardening is that no matter how good you are at it, or how much time you devote to it, it can be a pretty expensive endeavour. The price of plants, tools, soil and decorations can all add up. Especially if you have a specific vision of what you want to create for your little ones in mind. But there are some ways to ensure that you get the most fun out for your garden without breaking the bank. Read on to find out more. Getting the basics right The first thing that you need to get sorted… [Read More]

My Heart is breaking. It’s tough being four 

Twins cuddling

I’ve just sat down after lying in bed with R.  She’s fast asleep now. Hopefully dreaming of all the things she loves. Half an hour ago though it was a completely different story. She was really upset. Crying. Inconsolable.  My words had no effect.  All I could do was hold her in my arms. Shush gently and tell her that I was here. Right next to her and that I wasn’t going anywhere. It’s come totally out of the the blue and I’m putting it down to tiredness.  God, I really hope it is just tiredness and not the start… [Read More]

A mum is a precious thing

What a statement.  Yes, indeed she is, but she’s also strong, intelligent and fearless. She’s brave, independent and almost like a warrior when it comes to protecting her children. A mum is also a worrier and can be dependent on others, as well as experience feelings of loneliness. Mums come in various shapes with different personalities, traits, beliefs and morals.  What works for one, will not necessarily work for another.  One friend of mine believes in letting their children ‘cry it out’, whereas another friend of mine panders to her child’s every need. Which one is right? Well, they both… [Read More]

The Mother Octopus

Being a parent is both rewarding and tough. It’s stressful, exhausting and relentless one day, but the next it could be filled with fun, laughter and wonderful memories.  The one thing I find the most frustrating about being a parent is that my children think I’m an octopus. I’m not joking! They really do! They seem to think that I have multiple arms and can do multiple things at once. I wish! I really do wish this was true. Imagine the possibilities! Imagine all of the things I could get done if only I were like an octopus.  One day… [Read More]

The strength of a parent

The original title of this post, was going to be the strength of a mother. Mainly because I’m a mum and I wanted to get my view, as a mum across. However, it dawned on me that both mums and dads have to have an amazing amount of strength during the toughest times of parenthood. It’s not something you really think about when planning for a baby, or during pregnancy and the early days I guess, but when the unexpected happens, mums and dads somehow manage to dig deep and muster up all of this strength that they probably didn’t… [Read More]

Are you a pushy parent?

As a parent we all want to do best by our children. We want to protect our children from harm in whatever way possible and we all want to see our children succeed, but at what cost? I’m not a pushy parent, well at least I don’t think I am. Of course I’ll encourage my children to do their best and help in way I can, but would never ask them to do something they didn’t want to do. I wrote a post a while ago about the Tiger Mother and her approach to parenting. I found it fascinating to… [Read More]

Are you the parent you thought you'd be?

Growing up I knew that I always wanted to be a mum.  I didn’t know how many children I wanted though, nor did I have a preference for a boy over a girl or vice versa. One thing I did know though was that I wanted to be the best mum I could be. Of course that also goes for the majority of the female population I imagine! Being a mum was harder than I ever imagined it to be.  Before having children I had played out various scenarios in my head of the type of mum that I thought… [Read More]

Obsessions I’ve developed since becoming a mum

Quite often I hear people saying that it’s funny how things change when you become a parent. Pre-children I spent my Sundays lazing on the sofa, cuddling up to my husband and watching TV in between naps.  Nowadays Sundays are usually spent painting, crafting, playing in the park, running around at a soft play centre or pretty much anything else come to think of it that means I’m on my feet pretty much all day! Not that I’m complaining. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  One thing I have noticed though since becoming a mum is that I’ve developed… [Read More]

10 Twin Parenting Hacks

Being a mum to twins is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, at times it’s been stressful, but for the majority of the time every day is pretty amazing. Watching my girls laugh and play together is the best sight in the world. At the end of every day when we all cuddle up ready for bed, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Lucky that I have happy, healthy children. Over the last three years I’ve learnt a lot of things about raising twins, but here are a few of the best: 1…. [Read More]