Mealtime battles! Just eat your food!

One of the most frustrating things for me as a parent is the relationship that our girls have with food. They love fruit. M will eat blueberries like sweets and they eat bananas, oranges and grapes in abundance. Every Sunday we have a cooked chicken dinner with lots of veg and the girls always eat their brocolli. So, what’s the problem you may be wondering? Aside from Sunday dinner and their fruit eating moments, dinner time has become a battle. Mainly with R to be honest! Breakfast is ok, but when it comes to lunch and dinner I feel like… [Read More]

M’s first ballet class

You’d think that having twins would mean that our girls have the same likes and dislikes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. M is girly. She loves princesses, fairies and ballet. R isn’t as girly and loves football, spiderman and Captain America. Of course she also likes princesses and fairies, but nowhere near as much as her football and the other things mentioned above. If you asked R about ballet, she would probably say that she doesn’t like it. When a new ballet class started yesterday I asked M if she wanted to go. She very keen, as… [Read More]

Organising a birthday party for four year old twins!

Who would have thought that organising a birthday party for four year olds would be so stressful! R and M started nursery in September 2015 so I was pretty relived that I’d have the chance to go to a few birthday parties before I’d have to start planning our girls party. I was hoping they’d provide me with some information and inspiration about what to do. The first party was in a hall with a lot of children. I think the whole nursery class were invited. It was a joint party so I could understand the amount of children there…. [Read More]

I’m an old woman!

I’m an old woman and I simply don’t care! I’m 28 years of age. This may be confusing, strange and odd, but bear with me please! It will soon make sense. I’ve never been one for clubbing, drinking  or dancing. Well, I do dance. At home with my girls, but in a club, pub or such like that’s simply not me. I like staying in. Watching TV and films. I like going for walks and drinking my tea. I like baking and cooking.  I like sticking my photos in my photo albums. I like making quilts out of my girls… [Read More]

Travel Guide: Nightlife and Clubbing for 18-30 year olds

Oh to be young and have no responsibilities! I remember the days well! I lived for the weekend! I could do what I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted! Saturday would typically be spent travelling – to the beach, a new restaurant or entertainment venue whereas Sunday was usually a day to spend lazing on the sofa watching TV. If I was lucky I might even nod off for an hour or two! Things have changed a lot since becoming a parent! My days are now filled with play groups, crafts, swimming trips, play dates and trips to… [Read More]

Stressful toddler meal times

R and M are very good eaters. They’re constantly saying that they’re hungry! So why is it that when meal time arrives they somehow regress and turn into babies?! We literally have to spoon feed them! I remember a time when they’d quite happily sit down at the table with us, pick up their own fork, spoon or knife and just get on with it. What’s happened? I don’t understand! Not only that I’ll feed them half a chicken nugget and then they’ll tell me they’re not hungry anymore and don’t want anything else to eat! I’d never force them… [Read More]

Sleep Update at Three Years Old

When our twins were born back in 2012 they slept like little angels for the first six months.  As soon as their first tooth started to come through sleep went out of the window. They went from sleeping in their own cots every night, all night to waking up frequently every night, all night.  We tried many different things to try to help them to sleep. Crying it out didn’t work because I couldn’t go through with it for longer than a minute or two, but at the same time holding them, cuddling them, rocking them didn’t help either because… [Read More]

Old El Paso Review

I love meals that are easy to make. That’s why Fajitas are the perfect family meal. They can be made in around 20 minutes and are super easy and fun to do. We were recently sent some fabulous Old El Paso products to cook up a tasty family meal. We received: BBQ chicken fajita seasoning mix Crispy chicken fajita seasoning mix Toast tomato spice mix Squeezy sour cream Squeezy sweet corn relish Flour tortilla For our first meal I decided to use the crispy chicken fajita seasoning mix. I bought some lettuce and cherry tomatoes to put in the tortillas…. [Read More]

Bigjigs Play Patrol Mission 4. Build-a-Bouquet and Tea Set Review

Agents Double Team have received their fourth Bigjgs Play Patrol mission an it’s one of my favourite ones so far! Mission four is to put our creative skills to the test to show you the creative potential of the toys we’ve been sent.  So with this in mind we’ve been very creative taking lots of photos and we’ve even created a video! We were sent two toys to put to the test for this mission. First up is this fabulous Build-a-Bouquet toy by Green Toys. Available online from Bigjigs for £20.99 and suitable from the age of two onward, this toy… [Read More]

Mini Micro Scooter Review

A little while ago I was debating whether or not to get our girls a bike. I couldn’t decide between a trike or a balance bike. After asking around on Twitter the general consensus was to go for a balance bike, so that’s exactly what we did. Sadly, a number of months after buying the balance bikes they’ve barely been used. It never even crossed my mind to get a scooter each for the girls. I’d seen children the same age as our girls and older going around on scooters, but I only ever thought about a bike. When micro-scooters kindly agreed to… [Read More]