Stressful toddler meal times

R and M are very good eaters. They’re constantly saying that they’re hungry!
So why is it that when meal time arrives they somehow regress and turn into babies?!
We literally have to spoon feed them!
I remember a time when they’d quite happily sit down at the table with us, pick up their own fork, spoon or knife and just get on with it.

What’s happened?
I don’t understand!
Not only that I’ll feed them half a chicken nugget and then they’ll tell me they’re not hungry anymore and don’t want anything else to eat!
I’d never force them to eat food if they’re not hungry, but surely after only bite they can’t be full!
In fact I know they’re not full as five minutes later I’ll hear the inevitable cries of, ‘Mum, I’m hungry!’

I tried putting the plate down in front of them and telling them to get on with it or they’d go without, but that didn’t work either!
Maybe it’s laziness or maybe they’re just used to their daddy and I feeding them.
Whatever it is, it has to stop!
I need them to be more independent and feed themselves. They’re three years old! If I took them to McDonalds or to a restaurant even, they’d happily feed themselves and sit at the table so well, but at home nowadays that just doesn’t happen!
Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do?

10 thoughts on “Stressful toddler meal times

  1. I think lots of people experience this – you are not alone! Sometimes I found it helps if you involve the kids in helping out in some way. Maybe something as simple as making their own place mat for the table or having a hand in preparing the meal. Sometimes having a dip and the dipping things in separate bowls can work as kids tend to love choosing the bits to put on their plate. Hope this helps. Good luck! #busydoinglife

    1. Hi Sara, thanks for your comment. So glad to hear I'm not alone. Sometimes it feels as though I am. I've tried lots of different things. Yesterday and today I've gone down the stricter route and it's working so far x

  2. Our toddler is the same, I've started doing him smaller portions and a three course meal each time. He's been eating slightly better since he's had more variety but I think it's more of a control thing, mine likes to see what he can get away with he also enjoys the attention he gets when he doesn't eat anything. So we make no fuss anymore. It's hard and worrying! But just stick with it I'm sure it's just a right of passage all children have to go through 🙂 #busydoinglife

    1. Hi Carly, thanks for your comment. Hopefully it's an age thing and they'll grow out of it. M ate baked beans at lunch time with her hands and then took a handful of rice off my plate this evening!

  3. Every one of ours has gone through this and if I'm honest my 5 year old would still happily let me feed her if I gave her the choice!! I think it's just a develop,ental thing… realising you can get someone else to do something for you is kinda fun!! They will grow out of it and then you'll probably miss it if you're anything like me!! Thankyou for joining me at #busydoinglife

    1. Hi Erin, thanks for your comment. We have that too. They always say they're hungry then when I give them a snack they don't eat it! Kids ey!

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