There’s more to microwaves than you think #SoMuchMore

How often do you use a microwave? I think I probably use mine pretty much every day. Whether that’s to heat up some beans or frozen peas, or to heat up a quick and healthy ready meal. Yes, quick and healthy microwave ready meals really do exist! Just yesterday I had salmon with brown rice and vegetables that was all cooked in the microwave. I think that when most people think about using microwaves, they assume you’re using it to cook an unhealthy ready meal, but that’s simply not the case. Microwaves have come a long way since they were… [Read More]

Making School Days as Stress Free as Possible

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, whether it’s the first day back after the half term break or it’s in the middle of term, school days can be full of hassle. Making it easy for yourself and the kids is essential if you want to keep things as stress free as possible, and also keep the grey hairs at bay, too! Whether you’ve been enjoying a casual, chilled out couple of days at the weekend, or you’ve gotten used to a week or two half term break, getting back into the swing of things can be hard…. [Read More]

Organix Winter Warmers Range

We were recently sent some Mighty Meals and Mighty Soups from Organix for our twins to try. I’ve never actually thought of giving our girls soup before. I tend to stick to sandwiches and hot meals, but soup is the perfect option for a warming, wholesome lunch or dinner for our little ones, especially as the weather turns colder. Organix Mighty Soups (for children aged 1-3 years) are packed full of chunky, organic and wholesome ingredients and include tasty recipes such as Hearty Root Veg and Beans, Tangy Tomato and Pasta and Tasty Sweetcorn and Noodles – they offer just the right… [Read More]

The Weekly Shop Challenge: Delivery

I thought I would post a little update following on from my last post. Our online grocery shop arrived today and there were a few substitutions but they were all ok. Instead of super market brand products I got more expensive branded items but I was delighted when the delivery man explained I would be charged the price for the cheaper version. Yay! The delivery arrived promptly at 4pm. I choose delivery between 3-5pm. Everything I ordered arrived and I’m looking forward to cooking our first proper family meal tomorrow which will be chicken stir fry. I just hope the… [Read More]

Weaning Complete (A late update)

Before I begin I should say sorry for the lack of weaning posts. My last one (click here) was some time ago, so I’ll do my best to write everything I remember. In my last post I talked about how the girls appetites were growing which meant that Twin Daddy and I decided to increase the amount of food we fed the girls. Well, I am happy to say that we are no longer using baby food jars as our girls are now eating proper family foods.  How did we transition from baby food jars to normal food? Well, just… [Read More]