Organix Winter Warmers Range

November 19, 2013

We were recently sent some Mighty Meals and Mighty Soups from Organix for our twins to try. I’ve never actually thought of giving our girls soup before. I tend to stick to sandwiches and hot meals, but soup is the perfect option for a warming, wholesome lunch or dinner for our little ones, especially as the weather turns colder.

Organix Mighty Soups (for children aged 1-3 years) are packed full of chunky, organic and wholesome ingredients and include tasty recipes such as Hearty Root Veg and Beans, Tangy Tomato and Pasta and Tasty Sweetcorn and Noodles – they offer just the right consistency which means it won’t easily drip off the spoon, too! That was one thing I was concerned about when asked to review soup. I wondered how they would eat it without getting it everywhere! However, the soup is thick enough not dribble off the spoon and R and M both really enjoyed their soups. We were sent Tangy Tomato and Pasta and Hearty Root Veg and Beans.  

They’re a great way to encourage little ones to eat veg and I even had a taste myself and the soups are packed full of flavour!

As well as being sent Organix Mighty Soups to try we were also sent two meals from their Mighty Meals range, which is also for children aged 1-3 years. They’re a good option when you’re so busy that cooking a meal from scratch just isn’t an option and they offer a truly tasty, chunky toddler meal, providing your little one with a variety of flavours and textures as they move closer to grown up food.

With textures such as bouncy pasta shells, chewable veggies and tangy tomato sauces, Mighty Meals provide a tasty mealtime option with no nasty surprises like added salt, preservatives or starches. The range includes Spaghetti with Pork & Bean Meatballs, Hearty Veg, Bean and Lamb Hotpot, Tasty Veg and Beef Stew with Dumplings and Pasta Shells & Vegetables in a Tomatoey Sauce.

Overall, I would buy these meals. R and M both enjoyed their organix meals and they’re quick and handy when you don’t have time to whip something up!

For the purpose of this review we were sent two mighty soups and two mighty meals from Organix.

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