Healthy School Snack Ideas

Our twin girls start full time school next week and I’m feeling a little uneasy about it. Previously in nursery, which is only two and a half hours, I haven’t had to think about food as the nursery provides the children with a healthy snack. Usually a crumpet, fruit or a wrap etc.  However, now that our girls are going into full time school, it’s something I need to think about. My husband and I have decided that the girls will have packed lunches. This is mainly for peace of mind, so that we know what they’re eating and how… [Read More]

Ten quick and easy lunch ideas for kids

Finding something quick and easy to make for hungry children can be a bit of a challenge. I usually make lunch for our girls before I pick them up from school, but sometimes I don’t have time. Here are some quick and easy lunch ideas for you to try. Sandwiches From a simple ham and cheese sandwich to something a bit more exciting, sandwiches are quick and easy. You can get sandwich fillers from supermarkets or try a number of different combinations. Some of our favourites are ham, cheese, ham and cheese, cheese and tomato. Toasties Much like a sandwich… [Read More]

How To Make A Cheap But Delicious School Lunch

We always want our kids to have a healthy, delicious lunch to bring with them to school. Unfortunately, accomplishing both of those things on a budget can prove to be challenging.  However, it is not impossible! There are plenty of affordable school lunch options that you can give to your child.  Also, don’t forget about presentation, which is an important part of the success when it comes to food, so make sure that you pack it in an appealing lunchbox. There are plenty of super cool designs at Overstock, and you can have them with nice discounts if you only… [Read More]

A Day in the Life of a Twin Mum

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last ‘A day in the life of a twin mum’ post. Nine months to be exact. I really enjoy writing these posts because I love looking back and seeing how things have changed. Our twins, R and M, are two and a half now. They’re both chatty, funny and playing together more and more. It’s great to see them chasing each other, tickling each other and talking to each other! They fight and argue over toys too, but most of the time they play nicely together. Not much has changed since… [Read More]

Krazy Kitchen 2

Following on from my previous Krazy Kitchen post, Warburtons have created a new video that takes you behind the scenes on their mission to liven up lunchtimes with a whole host of lunch ideas. The video captures all the best bits that the two families, the Griffiths and the McDermotts, faced during their challenges. It looks like both families had a lot of fun on set, but behind the scenes it was all serious as mum prepares her children for what it is about to face them! Telling them to focus and that’s just what they all do! Dad has a hilariously… [Read More]

Twin mummy’s first trip to the city centre with the twins!

I have been saying to Twin Daddy for some time now that I really want to go somewhere on my own with the girls. This isn’t because I’m being antisocial or anything, its just because when Twin Daddy is at work during the day, the furthest I venture with our girls is our local area. I’m happy and more than confident to take the girls for a walk in the pushchair or go to the shops or to baby group but I wanted to do something more with them. I wanted to be brave and feed the girls their lunch… [Read More]

Weaning Twins…2 months in

It has been a while since my last weaning post, so I thought I would post an update. If you have read my last weaning post I mentioned that I wanted the girls lunch to consist of finger foods. This is because I was keen to have some sort of baby led weaning in the girls routine. However, this hasn’t happened! The girls are now on 3 meals a day, as follows: * Breakfast which consists of fruity, yogurt porridge. I make this up using 150ml of the girls milk.  * Lunch which consists of 2 baby food jars between… [Read More]

Weaning Twins Day 22: Baby Led

Weaning has been going well, although we have had to hold off on giving the girls our home made baby food. This is because we can’t seem to get the consistency right. Both girls will eat food that comes in the baby jars you can buy in the supermarket but I think our home made food is too lumpy or too thick, so for now we will continue with baby jars and stage 2 will be moving them onto more lumpy foods, meaning we can then use our home made food. The girls are now having a few spoonfuls of… [Read More]