Chicken Pox Strikes Again!

Last year our twin girls, R and M, both had a very mild dose of chicken pox. My husband and I crossed our fingers that that was it. They’d been lucky by only having a mild dose and they’d never get it again. Hooray! Except it didn’t quite work out like that! Around three to four weeks ago, R, came out school feeling slightly under the weather. At first we put it down to a bug that was going around, gave her a dose of Nurofen and made sure she was drinking plenty. The following day, R emerged from her… [Read More]

5 Tips to helping a family member with a chronic illness

People suffering from chronic illnesses especially friends tend to be secretive about it. They see it that all hope is lost and engaging you into their problems would be unfair. In this case they opt to suffer in silence. On outward appearance, they seem fine but the illness is killing them inside slowly. The results are fatal as the illness progresses faster and by the time you realize it, it is already too late. This however should not be the case anymore. There is hope and good news to all those affected. The struggle no longer has to be their… [Read More]

24 Hours in A&E: Why you need to look after your health

2018 has not been a great year so far for my husband. Diagnosed with high blood pressure, a visit to A&E via ambulance one evening for kidney stones and then last Monday another A&E visit in an ambulance that turned out to be pretty serious.  Around 8.30pm last Monday my husband and I were sat on the sofa. I was reading a book, my husband watching TV. Nothing out of the ordinary.  We’d had a good day and were just starting to unwind after putting our girls to bed.  Suddenly my husband, Nigel, started to feel unwell. The symptoms came… [Read More]

4 Types Of Family Cover

As a primary provider for your household one of your key objectives should be to provide for your dependants in the case that something were to happen to you. Many people plan ahead of items such as a premature death, but forget that there are situations that could affect their ability to continue to support their family. For instance, an illness or similar situation could suddenly make you unable to bring in a monthly income. In this scenario hopefully you have funds, savings, trusts, or other investments to fall back onto so that your family is covered. The following are… [Read More]

Yay and no yay!

Yay! First, the good news! We are moving! Woo hoo! If you follow me on twitter, then it’s possible you may know that we live in a 2 bed flat on the third floor and that the people living underneath us, are very inconsiderate. They are noisy and I have no idea what the noise is. It doesn’t bother me so much in the day because there is nothing I can do about it, but at 10pm, 12am, 2am, 3am, 5am….yeah, then it bothers me because it wakes our girls.  I don’t know what the noise is. It sounds like… [Read More]

8 months old: The Twins First Ilness

We got so far! 8 months with no illnesses!  It all started when I came back from my first visit to baby group. A few days after both girls were a bit full up. Snotty noses, sneezing, phlegm, you catch my drift! Then, two days ago, both girls threw up in the evening. I didn’t think much of it as it was a one off that day. Yesterday however, both girls couldn’t keep any milk or food down. They were both upset, tired and inconsolable. By 5pm, we decided to call the out of hours doctors as both girls seemed… [Read More]