Chicken Pox Strikes Again!

Last year our twin girls, R and M, both had a very mild dose of chicken pox. My husband and I crossed our fingers that that was it. They’d been lucky by only having a mild dose and they’d never get it again. Hooray!

Except it didn’t quite work out like that!

Around three to four weeks ago, R, came out school feeling slightly under the weather. At first we put it down to a bug that was going around, gave her a dose of Nurofen and made sure she was drinking plenty. The following day, R emerged from her bedroom in the morning with an array of spots over her tummy and back.

No doubt about it. It was chicken pox. Again. Only this time was it was most definitely worse than the first time around.

The first thing I thought to myself was not to give her Nurofen as my husband and I had done the previous day. I remember reading an article online about how ibuprofen can cause an adverse reaction in children who have chicken pox. As such we went and bought some Calpol instead.

Along with the spots, R had a slight temperature and a sore throat, but in all fairness the spots didn’t seem to bother R a great deal. She did have a few nasty ones such as one on her leg, back and tummy that looked quite fierce, but not once did R complain they were itchy.

My husband went to the pharmacy and was advised to buy some Virasoothe. At £8 for a small tube we were expecting it to be amazing, but if anything if it just made the spots worse. We switched to good old chamomile lotion and that definitely worked well.

The one thing I’m glad about is that R was able to sleep comfortably even with the chicken pox. Thankfully she got over it pretty quickly and returned to school.

Two weeks later, M complained of a headache and bad tummy. She also had quite a high temperature. Straight away my husband and I’s thoughts turned to chicken pox. We gave M some Calpol and encouraged her to rest and drink plenty.

The following day some very small, red spots started to appear. Over the following few days the number of spots increased, and although they looked nowhere near as fierce as R’s had, M was struggling with the itchiness. We gave her some Piriton to help with the itching and while the itchiness eased off, the Piriton seemed to give M a really bad tummy, so much so that she was writhing around in pain at night time. It was horrible to see her in such pain. The following night we ditched the Piriton and just gave her some Calpol, and thankfully she slept pretty peacefully through the night.

In the end M’s chicken pox lasted around five days before they scabbed over resulting in her missing three days of school.

I always remember reading one of my baby books that my mum had written in. She wrote ‘Emily has chicken pox, but won’t scratch them as she’s too scared they’ll scar’. I’m not sure how old I was when my mum wrote that, but I did consider putting socks on M’s hands at night time to stop her scratching, but at seven years old she’d probably just pull them off!

Thankfully both R and M are better now!

Have your children had chicken pox? How did they cope with it? Let me know in the comments below.

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