5 Tips to helping a family member with a chronic illness

People suffering from chronic illnesses especially friends tend to be secretive about it. They see it that all hope is lost and engaging you into their problems would be unfair. In this case they opt to suffer in silence. On outward appearance, they seem fine but the illness is killing them inside slowly. The results are fatal as the illness progresses faster and by the time you realize it, it is already too late. This however should not be the case anymore. There is hope and good news to all those affected. The struggle no longer has to be their own. The following tips will help guide you on how you can help a family member with a chronic illness:


  • Look for a good rehab center. Chronic illnesses may be fatal without professional help. The best way to help a family member out is to ensure that he or she is checked in a good nearby rehab center. There are so many rehab centers and choosing one that accommodates and fits your family member should be your top choice. The rehab center will depend on the level of chronic illness and also the type of chronic illness.



  • Be a good listener. For a person suffering from chronic illness, he or she is not mostly concerned with the advice that you give. They get a lot of advice from different people all over and you adding up on the advice won’t help. They need to know that you understand what they are going through by listening to what they have to say. By listening to them, they feel a bit relaxed and cared for.



  • Help them to open up. A person suffering from chronic illness will want to shut out everyone around them and live in solitary. The solitary part is what accelerates their illness and make the journey back to recovery very long. As a family member, you should help them understand that sharing is caring. Engage them into small talks to talk about themselves. Opening up in a group of people with the same problem or those that have overcome will help them know that there is hope and giving up is not an option.



  • Be positive. The last thing a person suffering from chronic illness wants to hear is discouragement or negative thoughts. You as a family member should understand that they can be very suicidal and negativity and discouragement is an accelerator of the process. You have to practice positive thinking and talking around them to help them know that all will be well even if it does not seem so.



  • Be around. The purpose of enrolling them to a nearby rehab center is to ensure that you can always pay a visit or be there to assist. Neglecting them and pushing them further away can lead to loneliness followed by suicidal thoughts. Make them feel at home by your regular presence. This way they will feel loved and cared for which will accelerate their recovery.


There is hope for people suffering from chronic illness. The treatment would be an easy task with the support of a family member.


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