A day out at Walnut Tree Farm Park

Located in St Brides, Newport, Walnut Tree Farm markets itself very well. The website is professional and shows off the best of what’s to offer.  Sadly on a recent visit, I was left feeling somewhat underwhelmed. That’s not to say that this isn’t a good farm, as I do think I’d return again, I just think there are some areas for improvement. I also feel as though I had my expectations set too high for Walnut Tree Farm Park. Mainly after looking at the website, so perhaps it’s my fault I was a bit underwhelmed. Open Monday to Sunday, 10am-5pm, Walnut Tree Farm has… [Read More]

A family fun day out at Greenmeadow Community Farm

Back in April of this year I wrote a post called, ‘Seven farms in and around Cardiff that you must visit‘. Included in this post was Greenmeadow Community Farm. I’ve wanted to take our girls there for so long and I finally got the chance yesterday. Greenmeadow Community Farm has been a working farm for over 250 years and in the late 1980s it was saved by a group of local people who wanted to stop the farm being turned into a development site. Thank goodness they took this action as Greenmeadow Community Farm is a seriously impressive farm! Opening… [Read More]

Warren Mill Farm, Cowbridge

This half term I have been keen to take R and M to lots of new places in our local area. Warren Mill Farm is a place that I vaguely remember going to during my childhood. Before our visit I took a look at their website to see what the farm was like and what it had to offer. Set in 10 acres of picturesque countryside, Warren Mill Farm offers a fun day out for children and adults of all ages. With a selection of animals including prairie dogs, goats, chickens, ponies and more, children are sure to have a good… [Read More]

Thornhill Farm Shop

Can you believe that I’ve lived five minutes away from Thornhill Farm Shop all of my life, yet I’d never been there until recently! I only heard about it a few weeks ago and when one of my friends told me on the weekend that she was there, I quickly put the kids in the car and joined her! It was a lovely, sunny day so it seemed perfect to go out and explore the wonders that Thornhill Farm Shop has to offer as oppose to staying cooped up indoors watching Disney DVDs! Although I do love a good Disney… [Read More]

A day out at Hendrewennol Pick Your Own Fruit Farm

The summer half term is here and that means play groups are off so it’s time to find other ways to keep ourselves entertained. I’ve been meaning to visit Hendrewennol, the pick your own soft fruit farm, for over a year, but have never got round to it for one reason or another. However, after checking the weather forecast for the week and finding a dry day, I asked my friend if she wanted to come along with her children to spend the day at Hendrewennol. Just to give you a bit of info about Hendrewennol, it was opened in… [Read More]

Our trip to the farm

Last year I took R and M on regular trips to the farm. They love the freedom they have to run around the fields independently, feed the animals and play in the park. I took the girls on their trip to the farm of 2015 a few weeks ago. The farm I go to is Cefn Mably Farm Park. Entry was £12.50 for me and the girls. This included one bag of animal feed too. One of my favourite parts of going to the farm is the area in which you can hold and stroke the animals. I asked R… [Read More]

Bigjigs PlayPatrol – The Final Mission

I can’t believe that this is our last Play Patrol mission for Bigjigs! I feel so sad that it’s come to an end, but so blessed that we’ve been given the opportunity to work with Bigjigs. Agents Double Team, R and M, have really enjoyed putting fun to the test by testing out the various Bigjigs toys they’ve received. I know they”ll be sad too that this our last mission, but we’ll be sure to apply again! Before I continue with our last mission here are our previous Bigjigs Play Patrol missions: Pre-Play Patrol Mission Mission One Mission Two Mission… [Read More]

Folly Farm Review Featuring Nant-Y-Ffin

Folly Farm opened as a tourist attraction back in 1988 with a mission to educate and entertain. It’s a family run farm and to this day the whole family are still heavily involved in the running of the business on a daily basis. Folly Farm very kindly gave us tickets to visit them. We decided to make a weekend of it and also booked an overnight stay in a local family run hotel (more on the hotel to follow below as I couldn’t write this review without giving them a mention). We live in Cardiff so set off around 08.30am… [Read More]

A trip to the farm

We recently went on a spontaneous trip to the farm and I thought I would share our experience with you! Unfortunately, Twin Daddy was working so he couldn’t come with us, but he will definitely be coming next time! It was a lovely, sunny day and although it wasn’t hot it wasn’t cold either!  Whilst the girls were having their afternoon nap, I hurriedly put together a bag of nappies, wipes, snacks and drinks before quickly searching online for the postcode of the farm so that I could enter it into the sat nav on my phone! When the girls woke up I asked them if they wanted to… [Read More]