IVF with donor eggs – how to start your journey

The journey to parenthood may not be easy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be lonely. Many women and couples who are trying to conceive turn for help to fertility forums, blogs run by women, men or couples battling infertility, or local community support groups. Fertility blogs, in particular, offer a unique opportunity to read, often intimate, but always incredibly honest accounts of IVF with donor eggs, in a such way that you can relate to the blogger. You can always leave a comment and you can be sure that there is someone out there on the other side who… [Read More]

Tick, Tock: Pay Heed to Your Biological Clock!

The sound of a clock ticking can be one of the most irritating noises, conjuring images of minutes slipping away during difficult exams or the seemingly endless minutes waiting to fall asleep. So it’s no wonder that for many women, the tendency is to push that biological clock into a place where it can be safely ignored. However, for many women, the sound of the biological clock ticking can turn into alarm bells when the time comes to start a family. Women may “oversleep,” so to speak, missing the chance to start a family without intervention. And sometimes, interventions may… [Read More]

Looking back on our fun family Easter

Easter has been and gone in a blur.  It’s the first year that R and M have really understood the concept of Easter. I planned ahead what I wanted to do and got everything ready. I bought some plastic eggs from a pound shop – the kind which can be opened up to allow you to fill them with chocolate – and I also bought them a plastic Easter basket each. I also bought some Easter decorations and crafts such as make your own Easter cards, paint your own egg and egg box etc! The girls had so much fun… [Read More]

The Journey Towards Becoming an Egg Donor

Egg donation is a process that can completely transform lives. How? This extraordinary gift enable those who want children more than anything in the world, to start the family they’ve always yearned for. Read on to learn the emotional journey of a couple before they become an egg donation recipient. Hopeful to begin with Couples struggling to conceive try to remain positive and believe it or not, a miscarriage actually increases feelings of hope and positivity rather than diminishes them. Why? Although a miscarriage is devastating, it proves that there is a change of becoming pregnant, and so couples continue… [Read More]

Mary’s Donor Egg Journey – The Final Part

Wanting to close this chapter in my life, I thought a good way to do it would be to write the final part of this story, which has taken since 2008 to get to! I left off last time with the good news on my beta results which indicated twins as the numbers were high.  Scans showed the good news – it was twins! I couldn’t wait to tell everyone, especially my parents that after all the ups and downs over the past few years that I was at last pregnant and that the numbers suggested double trouble!  They were… [Read More]

Baby Number Three

For as long as I can remember I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mum. I would see mums walking around pushing pushchairs, holding a toddlers hands or pushing a small child on a swing and I knew that one day that would be me. One day I would be a mum. One day it would be me pushing a baby around in a pushchair, holding a tiny hand and pushing a small child on a swing. Who would have known that I would have ended up having not just one, but two tiny hands to hold! Two… [Read More]

Your IVF Stories

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Our IVF Journey

The Fertility Clinic Open Evening Our First Consultation Surgical Sperm Retrieval – PESA Treatment Planning Appointment Down Regulation and the Weirdest Experience of my Life with an Acupunturist! Egg Collection Embryo Transfer The Two Week Wait

The Egg Donation Procedure

The decision to give the gift of parenthood is a wonderful one. Becoming an egg donor will fulfil you with a great sense of pride. How?  By knowing that you will have helped infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. Once you have met the essential criteria to become an egg donor, you’ll be able to embark upon the rewarding experience. So, what does the egg donation procedure involve? Your First Appointment At your first appointment, you will discuss the specifics of the egg donor programme as well as your reasons to donate. Do you perhaps have a family… [Read More]