Mate Date Ideas For When The Weather Is Bad


It’s easy to get everyone together when it’s sunny outside, but when it’s drizzly and cold people tend to want to hibernate indoors! But it doesn’t have to be this way, as there’s still lots of things you can do when the weather isn’t great. Spending quality time with friends is important for keeping close, everyone is busy but you should make time for the people that you care about when you can. If it’s been too long since you saw your friends, here are are a few mate date ideas to consider that you can do even when the… [Read More]

Tips for a successful play date

Following on from my post yesterday about how play dates can be beneficial, today’s post will focus on creating successful play dates. Here are some of my top tips! 1. Give your child advanced warning and explain to them what will happen. Some children may find having an unknown child in their home, playing with their toys a bit daunting so preparing them in advance is important 2. Decide whether the play date will be in your house or theirs. You may also want to consider having your first play date in the local park. It’s a bit less formal… [Read More]

Girls Night Out

I wrote a post not long ago which was a little update on the play dates I’ve been having. If you haven’t read that post you can find it here. In short the play dates have been going well. I’m so glad that we ditched play group in favour of them and I think R and M are pretty pleased about that too. Both girls have become so much more confident in playing with other children and also in leaving my side to play with them. This is a massive change as usually the girls stick to my side like… [Read More]

Bye bye play group! Hello play date!

A little while ago I wrote about how I felt lonely at one particular play group. We go to a few groups over the course of the week. Since my last post I have had two ‘play dates’ with another mum in our homes. We both went to the play group mentioned above, but both found it busy and it lacked toys for children to play with. I took a brave step and asked her if she wanted to skip play group the following week and come over mine. She agreed! I kind of felt bad to start with. Almost as… [Read More]

Finding Mummy Friends (continued)

I wrote a post (click here to view) a while ago about how to make friends with other mums. I explained how I found it diffcult to find someone to chat with at baby group each week because most of the mums already knew each other. I would say hello and have a brief chat with a few people, but nothing of any consequence.  Well, that has changed! Two ladies arrived at baby group one day who had never been before and we started chatting. I got on well with both, but one in particular, who we’ll call K. K has… [Read More]