My Favourite Running Routes in Cardiff

As someone who enjoys to run outdoors, I thought I would share with you my favourite places to run in Cardiff.

I feel very lucky to live in a city that has lots of parks and scenic areas. Within close proximity to my house are so many beautiful places to run. Here are my favourites.

Cefn Onn

Cefn One Park in Thornhill Cardiff is full of beautiful trees, streams, ponds and woodland. From my house to Cefn Onn it’s a 5k run, so to Cefn Onn and home again, that’s a beautiful 10k.

The route up is very varied in terms of elevation. The main road, Thornhill Road, gets pretty steep, but as you go down onto Excalibur Drive, you have a lovely downhill section to relax and enjoy before another uphill section. From then on it’s pretty flat, and Cefn Onn really is very beautiful to run through at any time of year.


Lisvane is a very new route for me, and I haven’t done it that often because the route I’ve plotted, which actually takes you up past Cefn Onn, is very hilly.

I really enjoy this route, mainly because it’s pretty quiet, and there are beautiful views of the countryside, but you do need to be careful at times as the pavement disappears in some sections meaning you’re running on the road. I also like this route because I can admire the wonderfully huge and expensive houses I pass!


Llanishen is another favourite of mine, and actually heads into my Lisvane route, but quite often, I’ll run around Llanishen park, pictured below. Next to this park is another field with a path around it that I like to run around too. It’s around a 6k run from my house and back again.

Roath Park

Roath Park is my number one favourite route. From my house and back it’s 10k, but when I’m training for a half marathon I add on Fairoak road and some other roads, mainly through Llanishen to make it up to 15k and 20k.

There are a few hills on the way, but obviously once you’ve run up them, you get to enjoy running down them! I always stop at the way point of this route which is right in front of the lighthouse on the lake so that I can take a picture and admire the view .

It’s also fun trying to run around the swans and geese that can often take over the paths!

Caedelyn Park

Close to my home I usually use Caedelyn Park for interval training. I can run laps around it starting slow, then speed up for two to three minutes, before having a minute to recover and then repeat again.

Caedelyn Park is around 1.3 kilometres per lap, so four laps would give you a 5k run, but I get bored doing laps so don’t do this unless I’m feeling particularly lazy and want to run close to home!

I do have a few other favourite routes, but they’re not scenic ones! One through Birchgrove is pretty flat, which is why I like it and it’s a 5k route. The other is a small little park near my home, which like Caedelyn is good for interval training.

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