I’ve discovered Barre Fitness and I love it!

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post about how I’ll be running the London Marathon next year.

As someone who is a keen runner, I’ve decided that I’d like to incorporate some strength training into my running. This is mainly to reduce my risk of injury. Whilst training for the Cardiff half marathon last year, I tore my adductor muscle, and earlier this year I’m pretty sure I had a stress-fracture, most likely caused by overuse.

As such, I really want to ensure that I’m strong and at my fittest when I complete the London Marathon. That’s why I’ve started going to Barre class.

I was browsing through Facebook one day as you do, and a page called BarreConcept popped up on my timeline with information about a class in my local area.

After speaking online to the class teacher about my injury and wanting to know if the class would be suitable for me, I decided to give it a go.

I turned up not knowing what to expect, but left the class having really enjoyed it. BarreConcept is a total body conditioning class combining ballet, Pilates and yoga. It’s low impact, but high intensity making it perfect to do alongside my running.

Now, I’m not the most co-ordinated person in the world, so I could never go to a Zumba class for example! However, the barre teacher is great. She’ll come over and offer tips, and make adjustments to our posture etc to ensure we’re in the correct position.

The class is an hour long and starts with a warm-up and then we move onto using chairs as our bar for a more challenging workout. The class ends with some work on the mat as a gentle cool down. I really like this part as it incorporates flexibility and quite often some core work too.

I’m really enjoying the class and I think it’s definitely helped me to recover from my injury sooner, plus I’m starting to feel strong already!

As mentioned above, I’m running London Marathon next year. As such I need to raise £1,600 for my charity, WellChild, the national charity for sick children. I’m relying heavily on people to sponsor me. If you can donate anything, please do! My fundraising page can be found online here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/EmilyHiggins3

Do you do any exercise classes? I’d love to hear about them!

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