I’ve discovered Barre Fitness and I love it!

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post about how I’ll be running the London Marathon next year. As someone who is a keen runner, I’ve decided that I’d like to incorporate some strength training into my running. This is mainly to reduce my risk of injury. Whilst training for the Cardiff half marathon last year, I tore my adductor muscle, and earlier this year I’m pretty sure I had a stress-fracture, most likely caused by overuse. As such, I really want to ensure that I’m strong and at my fittest when I complete the London Marathon. That’s why I’ve… [Read More]

Introducing Office Yoga!

I’m 29 years old and since the age of 18, I’ve worked in an office. What started out as what I thought would be a ‘temporary’ job, turned into a career and now 11 years later, I’m still working for the same company. My office has moved a number of times over the years, but I remain firmly seated for the majority of my working day. When I came across an article in the Telegraph entitled, ‘Office Workers must exercise for an hour a day to counter death risk‘ I was intrigued by the findings. I’m not the most active… [Read More]