Growing Strawberries Indoors and Outdoors

Back in April I planted some strawberry plants indoors and outdoors.

2015 has been the first year that I have made a proper effort toward growing my own fruit and vegetables. I’ve planted tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, spring onions, herbs and salads.
My girls have enjoyed helping to plant the seeds and water the plants with me. They’re really looking forward to being able to pick the fruit and vegetables when they’re ready.
As mentioned above I planted some strawberry plants indoors in a medium sized pot and some outdoors in a large strawberry planter.

 I was curious to see if the ones indoors would do better than the ones outdoors and vice versa.
I kept the indoor strawberries in my conservatory as it gets very warm in there.
I made sure to water them every day, which I also do with the outdoor strawberries. I planted both of them at the same time and all the conditions were exactly the same except one was indoors and one was outdoors.
Within the space of two to three weeks the indoors plant started to flower and we now have some green strawberries growing. R and M are very excited to pick them when they’re ready and I’m even more excited to taste them!

The strawberry plant outdoor hasn’t long started to flower so it definitely goes to show that they grow quicker indoors.
I wonder if they’ll taste any different? I’ll keep you updated!
Do you grown your own fruit and vegetables?

12 thoughts on “Growing Strawberries Indoors and Outdoors

  1. This is amazing. We planted strawberry about 1-1/2 years and we kept it out. Its so lush with leaves but never gave us any fruits. Now though I saw so many little strawberry bulbs. I am so excited to see them grow and I am checking everyday. I hope we can eat them soon! #pocolo

  2. Yes, I imagine that the extra warmth inside will help them grow faster. We have a bumper crop of strawberries this year, but will have to get rid of the older plants later in the year to make room for the new plants. I bet the girls will love their own homegrown strawberries! 🙂 x #pocolo

    1. Hi Jenny. I think the extra warmth definitely helps. I love being able to go into the garden or conservatory and just picking some off! The girls loved helping to grow them and water them, but I think they enjoyed eating them even more! x

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