Get the Kids Outdoors this Summer with the Chad Valley Range from Argos #GoodToGo #PlayPanel

Finding ways to encourage children to put down their iPads and get outdoors can be challenging, but thanks to Chad Valley and their range of over 400 toys for babies, toddlers and younger children, that’s about to get easier!

As part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, a network of parenting bloggers from all over the UK, we’re here to put the Chad Valley range of toys to the test and give you our unbiased opinion on their wide range of toys.

These toys include inflatables, mud kitchens, sports sets and more! In order for us to put these toys to the test we were sent a Chad Valley 6ft Bouncy Castle (£99.99), Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool (£29.99) and Chad Valley Inflatable Slip and Splash Bowling Set (£44.99).

Naturally the first thing our girls wanted to test out was the biggest toy they could find! The bouncy castle!

The Chad Valley 6ft Bouncy Castle comes with it’s very own robust electric fan which makes inflating the bouncy castle very quick! I also like that the bouncy castle comes with a green carry case making it easy to store, but also making it easy to take round to a friends house. Once deflated the bouncy castle is around the size of a large backpack when in the carry case, and because it’s made from strong laminated polyester and sandwich PVC materials it’s also very lightweight.

To put the bouncy castle up simply unfold it, lay it out on the ground, and tie up the shorter tube on the back using the attached yellow cords so that the air doesn’t blow straight out. Then simply attach the longer tube to the electric fan with the yellow cords, tie it into place and simply switch the fan on. In less than one minute the bouncy castle is up and ready for use! Check out the video below to see just how quickly it inflates!

I also really like that the bouncy castle comes with pegs to secure it into the ground, and additional pegs to secure the fan into the ground too.

Our twins are six years old and there is plenty of room on the bouncy castle for them both to be on it at the same time! R and M really do love their new bouncy castle, and so do I! Unlike other garden toys, once deflated the bouncy castle is really easy to get back into the carry case for easy storage, plus I think it’s great value for money, durable and very well made.

We were also sent the Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool. This is suitable for children aged three and over. As mentioned above our girls are six and they absolutely love this pool! It’s a great size for them both, and I love that it’s pretty shallow which means it doesn’t take long to fill up.

Unlike previous paddling pools we’ve owned, this one has a super cool inflatable palm tree that you can attach your hose too which gives a sprinkler effect! The good thing about this is that it comes with an attachment for your hose!

This activity pool comes with an inflatable slide, octopus game where you have to throw the stars onto the octopuses tentacles, an inflatable dolphin and fish. This pool doesn’t come with a pump to blow up so I would recommend buying one for quick inflation. Here’s a quick video of the pool in action!

Lastly we were sent a Chad Valley Inflatable Slip and Splash Bowling Set. We haven’t used this yet as the weather has taken a turn for the worse, but we’re very keen to test it out on our next dry, sunny day! This toy is for children aged five and over.

Simply set up the bowling pins, attach a garden hose and then throw yourself down the inflatable lane to earn a strike! I bet my girls will have so much fun sliding down the ramp to splash into the pins at the end! I may be too big for a go on the bouncy castle, but this bowling alley has my name written all over it!

Final Thoughts

The Chad Valley range of toys is a great choice for any family. It’s just pure play and imagination, and to me that’s what childhood should be about! Good, old fashioned play!

I think that the Chad Valley range of toys are great value for money, durable, fun, long lasting and most will most definitely encourage children and big kids like myself to get outdoors!

For the purpose of this review I received the above products. 

19 thoughts on “Get the Kids Outdoors this Summer with the Chad Valley Range from Argos #GoodToGo #PlayPanel

  1. I really love the pool, especially the palm tree sprinkler. What a great idea! You’ve really got summer covered now. Let’s hope for good weather! #thatfridaylinky

  2. I always turn to Chad Valley for outside toys, they never fail and they are so reasonably priced. Little Man would love that bouncy castle! #ThatFridayLinky

  3. I’ve been eyeing up the bouncy castle for a while but our garden is on a slope so I don’t think it will work! I’m going to have to move! Those toys look like so much fun, especially the activity pools. My kids would love that. #thatfridaylinky

  4. Great review & awesome products. I love bouncy castles and with the kids birthday just around the corner … you have just given me an idea for a present! Thank you! #thatfridaylinky

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