Everything I do, I do for you

My goals in life before I had children were very different to what they are now. I’m quite an ambitious person. I’m hard working, passionate, dedicated and very organised.

I also like to think that I’m kind hearted, generous and loyal. Sometimes in life these are the qualities in me that are often exploited. I’m a very good natured person and would do anything in my means to help others, but some people know this and take advantage of it.
Everything that I do nowadays, I do with one goal in mind. My children.
I work hard. I stay up late until the early hours working on my blog, on posts, reviews and other things that will all help to benefit my children.
Whether that’s working on a paid campaign which allows me to earn some extra money or writing up a review so that my children can enjoy some new toys or clothes.
Blogging has changed my life.
It’s given me an extra income on top of my part time job and that’s wonderful. It means that I can put some extra money away each month for my children and also for my husband and I. 
We’re not frivolous people. We don’t buy designer clothes, eat in posh restaurants or have all of the latest gadgets. What we do have is a happy, clean home with happy, healthy children.
I have three main goals in life.
The first of which is to ensure that my children are always well looked after, happy, healthy and that they want for nothing. That doesn’t mean that they get spoilt though. From a very young age I’ve always worked and I believe that I have a very good work ethic.
I don’t have to stay up late replying to emails. I don’t have to reply to every email I receive within 5 minutes of receiving it and I certainly don’t have to work my butt off in my evenings on my blog.
I don’t have to do any of it, but I chose to do so, so that I can provide my children with the life that they have and so that I can contribute to the life that my husband and I have too.
I hope to install the same work ethic in my children too. Hard work, dedication and being reliable pays off.
My second goal in life is to be financially secure. I’ve always been a worrier so it’s so important to me that I have some savings behind me just in case something goes wrong. This is something I hope to teach my girls too – the value of money.
My third goal is to buy a house. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do this one because the banks will only lend to us for a very short period of time due to my husband’s age as he’s older than me, but I know one day I will buy a house!
It’s funny how our priorities change when we become parents isn’t it? All of a sudden the world suddenly becomes a very scary place!

4 thoughts on “Everything I do, I do for you

  1. You are one of the most organised people
    I know! Lol. Sounds like you do a great job and I know what you mean; life completely changes doesn't it? I really worried about my health as well and looking after my daughter. Fab post and good luck with the house one day xx

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