Baba+Boo Reusable Nappy Review and Competition

Baba+Boo was created in November 2009 after mum of two, Eve Bell realised she was always looking for unusual and quirky clothing and accessories for her children, but most of the items she liked were really expensive.

Baba+Boo sell a range of reusable nappies, swim nappies, T-shirts, shoes and a few other pieces too. We were lucky to have been sent two reusable nappy gift sets to review. Plus we are giving you the chance to win one of these gorgeous gift sets as well. Read on to find out more!

We were sent one Little Miss Rabbit Nappy + T-shirt Gift Set and one Miss Hedgehog Nappy + T-shirt Gift Set. Both of these cost just £19.95 each plus postage and packaing, making them really affordable.

I’ve always loved the idea of reusable nappies, but it’s never been something that I have got around to trying. For me personally the main benefit that I saw by using resuable nappies is the cost. With two babies the cost of buying disposable nappies soon adds up.

Then there is the environmental impact that comes with using disposable nappies. Did you know each nappy can take more than 200 years to naturally degrade causing a serious problem to the environment. Plus each child can go through around 4,000 nappies before they are potty trained. That’s alot of nappies!

When our parcel arrived I was so excited! I really hoped I would like the nappies and be converted to using them!

Little Miss Rabbit


The first thing I noticed when taking the nappies out of the packaging were how soft they were! Now and again, M can get nappy rash especially when teething and quite often disposable nappies will rub at the rash making it worse. I can’t see that happening at all with these nappies.

I love the cute designs and I have to say the Rabbit design is my favourite! In the summer, I would often put a pair of pink, frilly knickers over the girls nappies if they were wearing dresses to hide the disposable nappies they were wearing. With the Baba+Boo nappies you don’t need to do this because they look fab!

Before I continue with this post, I have to admit that I was a bit bewildered when I first looked the nappies because I didn’t have a clue how to use them! I’m so glad Eve was to hand to help explain to me how to use them!

Each nappy comes with two liners.

You basically think of these nappies in the exactly the same way as you would a disposable one. This means that you still need to the nappy just as much.

The liners (or inserts) go in the pocket at the back of the nappy and that is where all the wetness is stored. Eve advised me that unless your little one poops, you should get about four hours use with two inserts.

There are nine poppers on the front of the nappy in a square and this is how you adjust the size. Eve sent me this useful video to demonstrate how to put the nappy on your baby.

The first time I put the nappies on the girls it didn’t take me too long. After watching the above video and using the informaion that Eve gave me, it was simple. If you have a particulary wriggly baby it will probably take you a little longer to put the nappy on your child because you will have some poppers that need to be done up properly.
Now, considering our twins are 19 months old and have always wore disposable nappies changing to resuable nappies was a bit strange for them at first! They both kept looking down and pointing at their new nappies! One thing I do like is that the nappy can’t be easily removed by your toddler because they have poppers. R, has not long discovered how to undo her disposable nappies so these proved to be more of a challenge for her!
We did have a rather funny moment when the girls first wore the nappies because they both developed a very wide legged walk! After a little while though, they soon got used to them!

The nappies don’t restrict movement, meaning both girls can easily stretch up or kneel, crawl and bend etc.

They look comfortable and come with super cute matching long sleeve tops. The tops have the same design on as the nappy and they’re a really good fit.

I put the nappies on around 8am and we went off to play group. 
When I arrived home 2 hours later, I changed the girls nappies in time for them to have some lunch and so I could put them down for their nap in a clean, dry, nappy, which is something I always do. 
I did notice that both nappies were quite heavy by now. With both the inserts inside, which are quite thick and now the addition of pee, they were heavier than a disposable nappy. That being said, they didn’t hang down like a disposable nappy would. 
Another thing I noticed, was that M’s nappy in particular was a little damp around the edge and the outside edges of the nappy were quite damp that it had made M’s trousers damp too.
R’s nappy was a little damp on the edges as well, but not as much as M’s.
Considering this was the first time that I have used disposable nappies, I think I may have to spend a little more time practising putting the nappies on.
Undeterred, I used the nappies again and take a little more time when putting the nappies on and this time they were definitely dryer around the edges although still a little damp and again this was with around two hours of use. 
Neither have actually pooped in the nappies yet, so I can’t comment on how well they fair in that respect, but I understand that you can buy disposable liners to go in the nappies so when your baby does poop in the nappy, you can simply remove the liner. 
I was surprised that neither nappy had any staining before or after washing and that goes for the inserts too. 
I’ll definitely continue to use the nappies and hopefully with a little more practise, we’ll have no dampness. 
For more information about Baba+Boo please click here to visit their website. 

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