Things I didn’t know about running the London Marathon

If you haven’t read yesterdays blog post about how I ran the London Marathon please pop over and take a look. I’m also still accepting donations for WellChild. You can donate to my fundraising page online here.

  • After waiting in line for the toilet for 10 minutes you may as well as re-join the queue as you’re guaranteed to need to go again in another ten minutes time
  • Your shoes will stick to the floor as you run by the Lucozade stands
  • You will be overtaken by someone in fancy dress
  • There will always be someone who takes off like a rocket at the start line only for you to overtake them at the half way point as they set off far too fast
  • You might feel like an absolute hero whilst running, but when you see your official running photos after the event, you’ll realise you look more sweaty mess than elegant athlete
  • People will shout ‘You’re nearly there’ when you still have twenty miles to go!
  • You’ll imagine all sorts of aches and pains whist running, but most are in your head
  • The blue line does exist! It’s a very faint, broken blue line, but it is there
  • Even if you think you’ve stuck to the blue line like glue, you’ll probably still run an extra mile more than an actual marathon is
  • Drain and drop rules go out of the window as people throw their half full bottles across your path whilst running by a water station
  • What’s worse is that people will drop gel packets right in front of you – slip hazard anyone?!
  • The crowd calling your name and shouting words of encouragment will help carry you through
  • You’ve never hated the smell of KFC and McDonalds as much as you do when you run past one on the route
  • It’s not as flat as I thought it would be! Definitely more gentle uphills than I thought there would be
  • You’ll spot a photographer far too late – usually just after you’ve past them with a grimace on your face!
  • Men are lucky – They just pee by the portaloos while us ladies have to queue up. Although a few women did crouch down behind a parked car, but I wasn’t brave enough!
  • A lot of the route is through residential streets
  • Running over Tower Bridge is even more amazing than you ever thought it could be
  • If you have your name printed on your vest people will shout it
  • St John’s Ambulance Crew stand on the sidelines with gloved hands of vaseline for chaffed runners! Do not mistake this for some sort of food!
  • The crowds are amazing as they offer up orange segments, jelly babies, ice lollies and other sweets
  • You will get a burst of energy as you see the 800m to go sign, but you’ll soon realise that 800m feels like a very long way when you’ve run almost 26.2 miles
  • You’ll run right passed Buckingham Palace
  • As you run down the mall and see the finish line in sight, you’ll be both glad that it’s almost over, yet also sad that it’s almost over
  • As you cross the finish line and get a medal hung over your head the reality of what you’ve just done will start to sink in
  • Don’t get excited about the goody bag – it’s an apple, pack of lentil crisps (WTF?), beetroot bar, cereal bar thing and some samples, but your finishers t-shirt is in the goody bag so don’t ditch it before taking that out!
  • You’ll immediately tell yourself and anyone else who’ll listen that you’ll never run a marathon again then a few days later you’ll enter the ballot for next year
  • The following day you will be sore, achy and stiff but keep moving, it helps
  • The second day after the marathon get a sports massage and by the third day you’ll feel almost back to normal
  • Finally – Regardless of your time, you did it! You ran the London Marathon! Be proud of yourself!

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