The day we lost daddy dog

This is Daddy Dog. He’s been in R’s life for around three to four years and he is without a doubt her favourite toy.

Daddy Dog comes everywhere with us and he rarely leaves R’s side. She sleeps with him every night.
He’s been through the washing machine more times than I care to remember and I’ve sewn his ear back on twice. I’ve also sewn his side up a few times too so it’s fair to say that he’s been well loved!
As you can imagine when we recently lost Daddy Dog, it was a pretty stressful time! 
My husband had spent the day putting the girls new trampoline together which meant that the girls and I spent the majority of the day in the garden. Daddy dog rarely entered our mind. 

That was until tea time when R asked us where he was. 
We searched the house up and down. Looked in every room, cupboard and drawer. I even looked in the fridge and freezer!
He wasn’t in the wardrobe or in the porch. He wasn’t behind the door, in the garden or in the bathroom. 
This is where he was…

Can you see him? Look closely at the treehouse toy…

There he was stuffed inside R’s treehouse toy! We must have walked past him so many times and yet it was only when I was raiding the toy box that I remembered witnessing R stuffing him into the same place the day before.
R was almost on the verge of tears, as was I! My husband repeatedly said, “If we don’t find him, it’ll be a nightmare!”
I can’t imagine how R would have been if he’d been lost for good. He goes everywhere with her!

Have you ever come close to leaving your child’s favourite toy? I’m tempted to fit him with a tracking device from now on!

12 thoughts on “The day we lost daddy dog

  1. Aww! So glad you found him!
    When my youngest become attached to her teddy we called sleepy bear we bought another so we always had a spare. We lost one a couple of times but it always turned up.

  2. We actually lost my youngest favourite doll the other day – no one has noticed yet but I am totally dreading when they do! You must of been real happy to see this little dog again though

    Laura x

  3. Omg I know this one! The gremlins quack quack got put (prob by her) in my scrapbook moving box so we couldn't find this blooming duck! We moved house and I found her! Phew! Was a stressful time hehe xx thanks for hosting x

  4. When I was little I lost a brand new pair of Clarks shoes. My mum looked everywhere. In the end she had to buy me another pair. Several months later she was putting on her wellies and guess what! Thanks for linikng up to #FridayFrolics

  5. Luckily my children never had a must have toy although my daughters favourite was a rabbit that has been on numerous holidays with us. Luckily she could sleep without it so I never worried about losing it. #binkylinky lifeinthemumslane

  6. My eldest had a rabbit imaginatively named Thumper that went everywhere with her. She'd stand and stare at the washing machine while I washed it and was top impatient to let it day properly. One day she dropped it in Asda and thank God someone handed it in. I even got a spare but she always favoured the battered grey one! #fridayfrolics

  7. Oh god we have bed bears, 3 of them to precise and if they were ever lost (especially number 3 lol) he is beside himself, he goes mad when I wash them and hang them out to dry…..bad mummy. So glad to read you found him and thanks for hosting #binkylinky

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