SuperZings Series 2 Review

Like the majority of children, our six year old twin girls enjoy collecting toys. That’s why I thought it’d be great for them to review SuperZings. Aimed at boys and girls aged from 4 years old up to 8, SuperZings are collectible figures that children can play with and swap with their friends. We received the following items to review: 10 Blind bags , 80p each 3 super jets , £1.50 each 5 hideouts , £2.50 2each 1 blister pack £10.00 1 starter pack £5.00 From the moment our girls opened the box, their eyes lit up! These colourful, exciting… [Read More]

Little Live Bizzy Bubs Review

We all know a child that loves babies! Both of our twin girls love babies, especially M. She’s had a baby doll since birth, and at six years old she still treasures it. When we go out M will quite often point out babies and say, “Look mum! Aw, aren’t they cute!” That’s why I knew our girls would love the Little Live Bizzy Bubs Cute Carrier Playsets that we were recently sent to review! Her name is Swirlee, and she’s such a sweetie! She’s just full of surprises and fun! R and M couldn’t wait to play with her… [Read More]

Disney Emoji Review

Calling all Disney fans! The latest collection of Disney Emoji is here with all your favourite Disney characters! Our twins are six years old, and they love collecting things! Recently they’ve been collecting Disney Tsum Tsum, but now they can add these super, cute, fun Disney Emoji collectables to their collection! We were sent some of the Series 1 collectables to review, but Series 2 is also out now with 28 new characters and four props from classic Disney, Disney Princess, Disney Frozen, and Disney/Pixar movies.  Based on the Disney Emoji Blitz smart phone game, and ‘As Told By’ stories… [Read More]

Meegos Series 1 Collectible Crochet Toys Review

At six years of age, our twin girls have started to gain an interest in collectible toys. This was after a visit to their nanna’s house. In her display cabinet she has whimsie animal figures. I told our girls that when I was little, I used to collect whimsies myself and display them on a shelf in my bedroom. R and M were intrigued and said they’d like to collect something too! This was pretty good timing as we were recently sent some Meegos.  Meegos are collectable cute, cuddly crochet friends! We were sent five in total. Four Mini Meegos… [Read More]

Fairy Picnic Basket Review

With the Easter holidays in full swing, we’ve been enjoying Easter egg hunts, Easter themed crafts and some lovely days out. On the days where the weather doesn’t allow us to go out though, we’ve been having lots of fun playing indoors and making up games. We were recently two lovely fairy picnic basket toy sets rom My Fairy Garden UK. It comes with everything Fairy Blossom and her bunny friend need to enjoy a lovely picnic indoors or out in the garden! The cute little picnic basket doubles up as a home for Fairy Blossom and her bunny friend, plus… [Read More]

Shnooks Review: From Bubble to Best Friend!

Shnooks! It’s a fun word to say and they’re even more fun to play with! Have you heard of Shnooks yet? There are 7 to collect and they’re all super soft and fluffy! Simply take them out of the packaging, pop the bubbles that they’re in, give them a shake, and bring your new best friend to life! This little Shnook is called Shazam and she comes with a purple pink comb to brush her hair, as well as four magical hidden hairbands and two hair clips. The magical hair bands are in different shapes: the letter ‘S’, a star,… [Read More]

My First Scalextric Set Review

When I was a kid I remember playing with a scalextric set in a toy shop once. Sadly, I never owned my own scalextric set, but I always thought they looked like so much fun. There are lots of different types of scalextric sets on the market, but My First Scalextric is ideal for children as a starter set. Available online for £39.99, this set is aimed at children aged three and over. Inside the box you’ll find: 2 super resistant cars Track (256cm) 2 speed limiter hand controllers Power supply Accessories The track is easy to assemble and within minutes… [Read More]

PJ Masks Deluxe Figures Review

My girls absolutely love PJ Masks. They always watch them on You Tube Kids and know all of the characters names. When we received this PJ Masks set of deluxe figures the girls immediately pointed out who were the ‘goodies’ and who were the ‘baddies’. This set includes 16 pieces, including the super cool stackable ‘NinjaLinos’. Children can re-enact their favourite scenes from the show with Catboy, Gecko, Owlette, Luna Girl, Romeo, Night Ninja, and the stackable Ninjalinos. Each figure is 7.5cm tall and comes with posable arms and legs to help promote imaginative play. This super set even features… [Read More]

A Night In with Belle: Beauty and the Beast

As a massive fan of all things Disney, it probably comes as no surprise that my favourite Disney Princess of all time is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She’s fearless, feisty, brave and strong, but also feminine, intelligent, kind and caring. For me, she’s the best Disney Princesses because she encapsulates what women should be. She’s not a typical princess, and by that I mean she doesn’t loves pinks, she’s not dim and she doesn’t always falls for the wrong man like most princesses do. I genuinely think she’s a princess that can be looked up to, as a… [Read More]

Jake Shoes Review featuring Skechers & Disney Vans

A few weeks ago we received a very exciting parcel from Jake Shoes. I was asked to chose two pairs of shoes for our twin girls to review. After browsing the website, I can across two pairs of shoes that I knew would be perfect for our girls. For R I chose a pair of Toy Story Vans and for M I chose a pair of Skechers. How cool is the Toy Story Vans shoe box! The Vans Toy Story shoes are £45. I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a pair of shoes for my children, but I thought they… [Read More]