Incontinence Survey

Hartmann Direct are currently running a survey to find out what people think about incontinence. It’s a very common problem in society, but one that many people find too embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about. You can click here to complete the survey and I’ll share the results with you once the data has been collected. Until then, read on for more information about incontinence. What is incontinence? According to the NHS, incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It’s estimated that between 3 and 6 million people in the UK may have some degree of urinary incontinence. A common… [Read More]

What my car says about me!

What does your car say about you?  Like it or not, the car you drive says something about the type of person you are.  And though few of us like to admit it, we all pass some sort of judgement on other drivers when we see what they’re behind the wheel of – if I say the words “BMW driver” what automatically springs to mind? Exactly! Although the idea that you are what you drive is based largelyupon personal prejudices and social stereotypes, there is now data to back up what we’ve all been thinking for years as you can see in We Buy Any Car’s new personality… [Read More]

What kind of teacher are you?

I saw this and thought it was really relevant to me and my children at the moment. If you’re following my blog then you’ll know that our twins started nursery last week. Today was their fifth day! The infographic below is just a bit of fun! If I was a teacher I think I’d be a mix of fun and friendly. What about you? Scroll down on the infographic below to find out what kind of teacher you are! This infographic has been provided by Hope Education. Provided by Hope Education

What I’m Wearing to BritMums Live

I can’t believe that it’s nearly time for BritMums Live again! It’s come around so quickly! I went for the first time last year and had so much fun! I met so many amazing people and also learnt so much. I remember buying my ticket for this year’s BritMums Live as soon as they came out last year! To say I’m excited is an understatement! This is what I wore to last year’s BritMums. I’ll be wearing pretty much the same thing again this year. I have two black cami tops. One for day one and one for day two…. [Read More]

What to consider when decorating your home

It’s easy to get carried away with color charts and shopping lists, but before you actually buy anything for your decorating project, it’s important to get to grips with all the relevant practical issues. For example, you’ll need to think carefully about what each room will be used for when you’re selecting colors and materials. There’s little point in choosing delicate white or cream curtains, cushions and carpets in rooms that will overrun by young kids or the family dog. In these spaces, darker hues and patterned fabrics may be a better bet. Specialist suppliers like Julian Charles offer an impressive selection… [Read More]

What is a mum?

First of all – Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful mummies! Today would have been my mums 60th birthday. Sadly she’s no longer here as she passed away almost 10 years ago aged 50. She had ovarian cancer. Today I’ll be with my children, husband and mother-in-law. We’ll share a tasty lunch and most likely talk about the same things we always talk about, but we’ll all be together and happy that way. I was talking to our children, R and M on Friday. They were talking to me about their nanna – my husband’s mum. I told… [Read More]

What will you leave your children? Are inheritances a thing of the past?

This is kind of a follow up post to this one, as that post has got me thinking about what my husband and I will leave our children after we’re gone. I’ve worked since I was around 13 years old doing various jobs here and there. I’m very lucky that I have a good job and have been working in the same company for almost 9 years now. I’m always careful with money and I always put money away into a savings account just in case a time should ever come that I need it. It may be for a… [Read More]

How to survive and thrive with twins

Discovering that you’re having twins for the very first time can be quite a scary prospect for most expectant parents. For my husband and I though we knew as soon as we found out that we were pregnant that we would be having twins. This is because my we had a type of IVF known as ICSI. We were lucky that we had a total of nine embryos that fertilised successfully. After discussing our options we decided that we would freeze seven of those embryos and have two transferred back into me. I know it may sound a little conceited… [Read More]

Night time potty training

It official! Potty training in our house is officially over and done with for now! Both of our girls are fully potty trained in the day. I wasn’t in a rush to potty train them and I would have quite happily waited until they were three before I even thought about potty training, but our girls started showing signs that they were ready around two years and a few months. I’ve heard that boys can take longer than girls to potty train so if you’re reading this and worrying about when the right time to start is – stop worrying! Do you know any… [Read More]

What The Ladybird Heard – Theatre Review

Do you remember the first time you took your child to the theatre? Maybe it was to see their first pantomime? Did their little faces light up at seeing the special effects, the noise, the dancing and singing? Maybe you’re yet to take your little one to the theatre? I’d highly recommend it! Our twins are two and a half years old. I really wanted to take them to see a pantomime this year, but after speaking with my local theatre, New Theatre, they suggested I try taking my girls to see ‘What the ladybird heard’ instead. I hadn’t actually realised that pantomime… [Read More]