Welsh Cake Recipe

During the Easter holidays my girls and I decided to make some welsh cakes. Having never made welsh cakes before, I only realised that I’d need a bake stone when I’d actually bought all of the ingredients and was about to make them with our girls! Fortunately, we used a frying pan instead and this worked out pretty well for us! I’m not sure what it is about shop bought welsh cakes, but our girls just don’t like them. However, when they recently made welsh cakes in school, they just couldn’t get enough of them! This recipe is easy to… [Read More]

A Taste of Cardiff

I love home cooking and I love trying new recipes. Sadly, I don’t get much time to cook as much as I’d like to. This means my husband and I will often pop some chicken in the oven fresh from the Freezer along with some chips or on other occasions a ready meal. Before we had children, we used to eat a lot of freshly cooked food. Chicken curry, tagine and homemade vegetable soup, but with toddler twins it’s become a bit difficult to find the time to cook. However when Joes Bloggers asked me if I’d like to try… [Read More]

Wales Blog Awards

Twin daddy and I are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for the Best New Blog category at the Wales Blog Awards!  The 2012 Blog Awards will be held on 20th September at Cardiff’s Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.  The awards are in it’s third year and will be decided by a panel of judges made up of bloggers and experts from the web world in Wales.  The overall Best Blog category will shortly be open for public vote, so if you enjoy my blog please vote for me!