Michael Kors Watch Review

It’s no secret that I love my watches, so when the lovely people over at Plus Watches asked me to chose a watch to review I immediately jumped at the chance! I chose to review this beautiful Michael Kors Parker Blue Chronograph Ladies Watch. Plus Watches have a large selection of Michael Kors watches that you can view here. This watch is currently priced at £118.99 (price correct at time of publication. Normal price £229.00). The reason I chose this watch is because I just fell in love with the way it looks. You know when you see something and your… [Read More]

Personalised Wrist Watch Review from Gifts Online4u

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your wife, friend, girflfriend, sister, mum or daughter, then I have found it! This beautiful personalised wrist watch is available online from GiftsOnline4U.com, and it’s just £69.99. GiftsOnline4U sell over 4,500 unique personalised and engraved gifts for all occasions such as engraved wrist watches. They also manufacture 99% of their gifts in-house in Lincolnshire. As well personalised watches, GiftsOnline4U also have an exclusive range of personalised alcohol gifts with pewter labels, plus a large range of beautiful engraved pocket watches with various designs and styles to suit everyone. The watch that I was… [Read More]

ICE-Watch Review & Giveaway

I think that one of the best fashion accessories around has to be a good looking watch. Choosing the right one can really make an outfit complete. When ICE-Watch asked me if I’d like to review one of theirs, I chose the ICE loulou watch in rose gold. Delivered in a black ICE-Watch box, it’s very well protected during transit. The white case that surrounds the watch helps to protect it and is great to keep it in when not being worn. This watch is available for £95 (price correct at time of publication) and comes in 10 different colours. It’s also… [Read More]

Konifer Navigator Watch Review

I love a good watch. So much so that I’ve actually started to build up quite a collection of them. Some of my favourite watches are wooden. They’re lightweight, go with any outfit and I always receive compliments on them. The Navigator watch by Konifer is no different. Coming in at £103.91, this watch is a little bigger than my usual ones. I actually wondered if it is meant to be a man’s watch. As such I checked the Konifer website and under ‘Women’s Watches’ there’s a ‘Collections’ section. In this section you’ll find ‘Navigator’. Therefore I assumed it to… [Read More]

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch: Making Bird Feeders

RSPB Bird Feeders

This year we’re taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch which takes place 28th-30th January. The Big Garden Birdwatch helps the RSPB to build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK. If you want to take part simply click the link above and register for your FREE pack, full of fascinating facts, tips and advice. You can either chose to download your pack online of request for it to be posted to you. We downloaded our pack and it is fab! You can find out about how to attract birds to your garden and there is a handy 12 month… [Read More]

JORD Wooden Watch Review and Giveaway

JORD Wooden Watch

Over the last few years I’ve become used to wearing a fitness tracker instead of a watch. I have to be honest though, although my fitness tracker tells me the time it isn’t exactly fashionable! When JORD Watches contacted me a little while ago and asked if I’d like to review one of their watches, I was pretty keen! I chose to review the Frankie 35 watch in Zebrawood and Champagne. Available for $179 USD, which is around £141, this watch is definitely fashionable! For starters it comes in a beautiful wooden box which is great for storing your watch… [Read More]

Pic’nMix Smart Watch and Forest Animals Review

Smart Watch Teaching children the concept of time can be a pretty daunting task for many parents. It’s something my husband and I have introduced slowly to our girls. They understand that things happen at certain times. For example, lunch time, bed time, etc.  They have a pretty good understanding of the days of the weeks. This has been learnt naturally through their own curiosity rather than through us actively teaching them, although I’m sure some of what they’ve learnt has come from nursery.  Smart Watch from Pix’nMix is a puzzle style concept which aims to teach children all about… [Read More]

LeapFrog LeapBand Review

LeapFrog is a brand that I’ve come to love over the last few years. Since my children were born I’ve trusted LeapFrog products and have learnt that their products are truly designed with children in mind. From their very early days using the LeapFrog Musical Table to more recently watching our girls playing with LeapFrogs Number Loving Oven, I think it’s fair to say that we’re big fans! Like lots of children our twin girls enjoy copying mummy and daddy. Whether it’s saying what we say, doing what we do or wanting what we have, children learn by watching and… [Read More]

My Doodles Watches Review

Both of my twins love looking at my watch and pressing the buttons on it. They always ask me what the time is and I do my best to explain it by teaching them about what the different hands mean. They also have a big toy clock on their play shop and they really enjoy turning the hands on it. What better way to teach children the time by getting them their very own watch. My Doodles Watches are a new range of character watches, designed specifically for children. Available in four different designs, the Owl, the Alien, the Bee,… [Read More]

Top tips to help teach children the time

1. Encourage children from an early age to count. Counting will help children to understand the concept of time such as seconds and minutes. When your child can count to 60, it’s a good time to start exploring time in more detail 2. Talk to your children about the time. Explain to them when things will happen. For example: “At one o’clock we’re going to the park” or “We’ll go to the park in ten minutes” 3. Invest in a child friendly watch. The Watch Hut is a good place to start looking. Ensure the watch face is clear and the… [Read More]