Should you let your children go trick or treating?

It may have escaped your notice, but today is Halloween! Last year was the first year that my husband and I allowed our children to go trick or treating. They were five years old and it was a very spur of the moment decision. I bought some sweets in case we had any trick or treaters, and to my surprise we did. These were our first trick or treaters since our girls were born! The girls were so excited by the idea of handing out sweets to the children on our doorstep! After seeing their excitement, I decided to take… [Read More]

Don’t forget your pets this Christmas!

Christmas is a time for family and friends. For eating good food, spending time with loved ones and gift giving and receiving, but will you remember your pet this Christmas? Just because your furry friend is a four legged creature and uses their tongue to clean themselves, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some TLC and presents too! More Than have created a pet present finder app to help you choose the perfect present for your pet. You can choose from either a cat or dog, the category of present you’d like such as toy, treat, gear or fun and… [Read More]

The Perfect Winter Treat

This post is an entry into the Co-operative Electrical Competition. For the past few months in the run up to winter, I had heard a lot of people talking about slow cookers.  I know they’re used commonly in countries such as India, but I didn’t have a clue what a slow cooker was! After looking online and finding out what they were, I went out and bought myself one and I haven’t looked back since. The thing I love the most about using a slow cooker is that you can prepare most of your dish the night before and then… [Read More]

Personalised Kitchen Mum's Keepsake Hanging Slate: Review

I often talk on my blog about how I would like to decorate my home when we finally buy a house. I guess now would be a good time to talk about the kitchen! I love simple, country style kitchens with those big ovens and a huge wooden dining table for all the family to sit round and eat together. We’d have a few bits and bobs around as finishing touches. One of those finishing touches would be this lovely hanging slate by Treat Republic, which were recently sent to review. I love how simple this looks. It’s not fussy, it’s not… [Read More]