12 Tips for Creating a Cute Bedroom for Your Toddler

As your child grows, they’ll start showing their personality and having preferences over what they want their own space to be like. Pay attention to what your toddler likes and plays with, and design a fun and functional bedroom around these ideas. This may be their first bedroom after moving out of yours – so make sure it’s a comfy and cosy space they love being in to make the transition easier. Here’s our top tips for creating a stylish and engaging toddler bedroom that they’ll love playing in! Wall stickers The first thing to consider is the walls. What’s… [Read More]

Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine Review

It’s no secret that I enjoy sewing, so it comes as no surprise that my five year old twin girls are following in my footsteps with their love of sewing too. When I get my sewing machine out, our girls are keen for me to show them what I’m doing. They also love pressing the foot pedal down and helping to feed fabric through the needle. They’re both very enthusiastic about sewing so when I was offered the chance to review the Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine I jumped at the chance. Aimed at children aged six+, children can magically… [Read More]

My Bedroom Wishlist 2017

Duvets I love

A new year often brings with it a new beginning. A new chance to make some changes to your life. Whether that be personal changes or changes to your home. For me, I always like to start the new year with a new outlook on life. 2017 is bringing with it a new more active, more healthy, more in tune with my own body ‘me’! This means that I want my home to reflect this as well. A new mattress for my bed would be a great start. Getting a good nights sleep is the key to a good mood… [Read More]

3 simple ways to style up your bedroom

Your bedroom décor should be a true reflection of your tastes, so if you’re not happy with the way this space is styled, now’s the time to make some changes. A few simple adjustments could transform your boudoir and ensure it looks its best. 1. Be a little more inventive with your lighting If your current lighting solutions consist of no more than a basic overhead light and a lamp or two, you could be missing a trick. Far from just being a practical necessity, lighting can also have a major impact on the style and finesse of your bedroom. Consider replacing… [Read More]

How to create a cozy country-style room

Distressed dressing tables, log fires, chunky knit blankets and the smell of bread baking! All of the things that come to mind when I think of a country-style house. Country style homes have become quite popular recently and for good reason too. The rustic charm and homeliness of walking into a room full of fresh flowers, traditional prints and plump cushions is certainly appealing, but just how exactly can you create a cozy country-style room for yourself? Well, let’s start from the bottom and work our way up! Flooring A Solid Oak Flooring, particularly those with a distressed look will help… [Read More]