Jake Shoes Review featuring Skechers & Disney Vans

A few weeks ago we received a very exciting parcel from Jake Shoes. I was asked to chose two pairs of shoes for our twin girls to review. After browsing the website, I can across two pairs of shoes that I knew would be perfect for our girls. For R I chose a pair of Toy Story Vans and for M I chose a pair of Skechers. How cool is the Toy Story Vans shoe box! The Vans Toy Story shoes are £45. I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a pair of shoes for my children, but I thought they… [Read More]

Why having a bedtime routine for your child is important

Bedtime routines are really important for children. For as long as I can remember, we’ve always followed a set bedtime routine for our twins.  Of course, over the years we’ve had to make some small adjustments, but now that our girls are four years old, their bedtime room is very consistent and has been ever since they were babies.  We haven’t always read them a bedtime story. When they were babies it was easier to give them their milk, a cuddle and rock them gently to sleep. A bedtime story was quite often stimulation that they didn’t need before going… [Read More]

National Tell A Story Day

National Tell A Story Day is on April 27th 2015. Mecca Bingo have challenged me to come up with my very own story in aid of National Tell A Story Day. The Dinosaur Roar Thump, thump, thump went the dinosaur’s feet as he jumped and galloped through the big, tall trees. Thwack, thwack, thwack went the dinosaur’s tail swishing to and fro. Sniff, sniff, sniff went the dinosaur’s nose.  Where’s my roar? My dinosaur roar? It must be here somewhere.  I’m sure it’s here somewhere! I can’t find it. It’s not under the leaves or in my cave.  Not under my favourite stone… [Read More]

JP’s Story: Part 3: Vicious Cycles

To read part two, click here. May 2014 I have always had an irregular cycle, since the beginning of time. At least, that’s how long it feels. It was not a problem until I could not easily conceive. Until now. Miss J was a surprise. A wonderful surprise. Discovered at 20 weeks, producing no symptoms and no bump. An absence of periods for that length of time was not unusual for me. I suspected nothing. And her easy conception allayed any fears regarding my fertility. It would appear this is true of the medical professionals as well as of my… [Read More]

J’s Adoption Story

A big thank you to J and her beautiful family for sharing their adoption story with me and for allowing me to share it with you. My daughter is the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world. She is also the smartest and funniest toddler on the face of the planet. I know these are ridiculously absurd statements to make, but for me they are true.  When people tell me that she is my spitting image – which happens almost every day – I literally swell with pride, hardly able to contain my smile.  Every single day of… [Read More]

How I met your mother


Written by Twin Mummy. It was a warm, sunny day and I was working in a local shop.  The shop was on the same street as the house that I lived in with my mum, dad and twin sister. It was a lovely area to live and grow up in. Friendly people, great shops and lovely parks to ride our bikes around or to just sit and chat with friends. I was 17 years old. I hadn’t worked in the shop for very long, but I pretty much knew everyone in the village because it’s where I grew up. One day, I was… [Read More]

The Twins are Born (Video Special)

Following on from our Pregnancy Diary Video post yesterday, here is a very special video from February 2012. This video shows us the night before our twins are born. We also share with you our twins very first moments. Stay tuned as we will be sharing some of our special care videos with you very soon. The reason we are sharing these videos with you is to help give you an insight into the special care unit and all that it entails. We hope it will help those who are going through the same.

Vicky's IVF Story

Hubby and I got married in 2008. A year later we were having the conversation about trying for a baby. Well,  maybe I was having the conversation and hubby was just nodding politely! Anyway I decided we’d start trying for a baby in 2010. I’d just turned 31 and thought it was a near perfect time, I was in a good position at work again so we were ready. We tried for over a year and experienced the monthly hope that my period wouldn’t come and I’d get that positive pregnancy test, but nothing happened. I got to the point… [Read More]

Our Birth Story

Our twins are 18 months old now, so I thought it was about time we shared our birth story. 34 Weeks and 2 day Pregnant. Tuesday, 28th February 2012 M’s Foot Twin Daddy and I woke up at 5am and we were both feeling excited and nervous. I remember thinking to myself that this all felt so surreal. It only seemed like yesterday that we had gone to the clinic for the first time and now, today, we were going to meet our babies. On Thursday of the previous week, our consultant told us that she would book us in… [Read More]